Lions’ Matt Patricia Dodges More Questions Regarding Job Performance

Matt Patricia

Getty Matt Patricia during his first preseason game.

The Detroit Lions haven’t had the best start so far this season, and Matt Patricia continues to avoid the questions about the team’s future.

Speaking on Friday, Patricia was asked to comment on a couple of the firings so far this season in the NFL. He passed on the chance to do so, saying that the events didn’t involve the Lions so he didn’t want to comment. Also, Patricia refused to address whether or not he had been given enough time to turn around the Lions.

While it might not be surprising to not see Patricia taking on these topics, the outright refusal to speak on the state of things with the Lions is a bit interesting. Patricia could admit that the tenure hasn’t yet been up to his or anyone else’s standards and not lose much support from the fanbase. In fact, an answer like that would probably give him some instant credibility.

Regardless, Patricia isn’t talking about what he has to do to keep his job, but it’s very clear to outsiders that only more wins will help stop the bleeding and keep questions like this from circulating in the court of public opinion.

Matt Patricia’s Hot Seat With Lions

The Lions coach is feeling the heat in 2020 in a very big way and it’s due to his inability to win games. As a whole, Patricia is 10-25-1 as a coach with the team going into Week 6. That’s a pretty futile mark of trouble for the team which he had promised to turn around into a major contender. Patricia has struggled to find any shred of consistency in his time with the team, and the Lions have suffered as a result. This season, if Patricia’s team falls apart further, the Lions could choose to move on should they be dissatisfied with where the team finishes in a few months time. It’s probably not wise to expect a change before that time whatsoever, considering the franchise has rarely elected to make dramatic in-season shakeups.

What Could Get Matt Patricia Fired

The Lions schedule down the stretch gets pretty soft statistically and otherwise. With the players still on the roster, there should be an expectation that the Lions make a run at the postseason even though they have started 2020 off well below .500. If the Lions continue to struggle, it will be likely that they elect to move on after the 2020 season

Should Patricia fail to make any type of run with the schedule he has coming up, it will be possible if not likely that the team elects to move on at the end of the year. It’s been stated this is a playoff or bust type season, so the biggest question might involve what happens to general manager Bob Quinn.

Even though Patricia might not want to think about it, the questions circulating regarding his job are very real and something for everyone to keep in the back of their mind for the rest of the season.

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