‘I Love Coaching Him:’ Matt Patricia Gushes About Kenny Golladay

Matt Patricia

Getty Matt Patricia watches the action in Arizona.

Matt Patricia didn’t take the bait as it relates to sharing his thoughts on Kenny Golladay’s ongoing contractual situation, but what he did do was gush about Golladay’s abilities on the field for the Detroit Lions.

Speaking this past week, Patricia was asked about the situation with Golladay and his ongoing contract dispute. He punted on that question specifically, but was an open book when it came to the impact Golladay makes for his team and how much he enjoys it.

Patricia said:

“I never comment on any player or coach’s contractual situations. Kenny’s a phenomenal player. I think he’s a great part of our team. He’s dynamic. I love being around him and I love coaching him.”

When it comes to the play of Golladay, how could Patricia not be a fan? In his career, Golladay has delivered multiple big touchdowns and plays for the coach. He’s also been a solid player in the locker room and the community, meaning Golladay is really the total package in terms of his standing on the team. That’s part of the reason the team needs to get a deal done quick.

To this end, it’s no wonder Patricia loves Golladay so much.

Kenny Golladay’s Instagram Message

Golladay seems to have taken notice of Detroit’s inability to get a deal done in recent days. Following a commanding Detroit win in Jacksonville in which Golladay was once again one of the elite players on the field with 105 receiving yards, the wideout spoke up a bit on Instagram and let folks know exactly where he stands.

As he appears to say, it will now cost the Lions to get a deal done.

Obviously, as is pointed out, there are plenty of ways to construe Instagram posts, but the implication here seems to be that waiting to get a deal done is going to cost the Lions in the future. Perhaps Gollday is frustrated that a deal hasn’t gotten done, or perhaps he is upset the sides have exchanged numbers behind the scenes and the Lions haven’t been strong enough from his point of view.

Whatever the situation might be, it’s clear Golladay could be very frustrated about not having a deal completed as of yet in Detroit. That’s true even if Patricia isn’t going to comment on what was written.

How Matt Patricia’s Future Influences Kenny Golladay

Golladay is the type of building block most teams would kill to have considering he can make big plays and is taking on the look of a true No. 1 wideout as he develops. That being said, the future of Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia is up in the air. No matter who is the coach or general manager at the end of the year, the focus should be on getting Golladay his new contract and keeping him around.

If Detroit starts over at coach, it’s possible they could do the same at general manager which would theoretically slow the process down in terms of taking care of Golladay.

The hope is the Lions win out, win the Super Bowl and take care of their top receiver. If things don’t end like that, however, all bets are off as it relates to what might happen.

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