Aaron Rodgers Lavishes Unprompted Praise on Matthew Stafford [WATCH]

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Getty Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers embrace after a game.

There can be a brotherhood between quarterbacks in the NFC North, and this was clearly shown again as it relates to Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford.

Rodgers has long been complementary of Stafford, but it typically comes when asked or prior to a matchup against the Detroit Lions. That all changed on Tuesday during Rodgers’ usual appearance on the Pat McAfee Show.

McAfee and Rodgers were talking about quarterbacks with arm talent and poking fun at the constant love that Patrick Mahomes gets for doing the things he does on the field. Rodgers then interjected and said that a player who doesn’t get enough credit for what he does is Stafford.

Rodgers said:

“I will say this, a guy who probably doesn’t get anywhere near the credit for doing s*** like that all the time, he wears number nine and plays in Detroit. That dude, what he does with the ball, it’s impressive. It’s really, really impressive. I know Dan Orlovsky will highlight some stuff from time to time, sure, because they played together and they’re friends, which he should. But that dude is throwing crazy no lookers all the time. And he can throw from any arm angle.”

McAfee joked that perhaps the reason Stafford doesn’t get enough credit is because the Lions do things like lose 20-0 to Carolina. Rodgers also defended that, saying Detroit had some players out of the matchup.

Lions fans have found it easy to hate on Rodgers through the years, but it’s clear that he has major respect for the team’s most recognizable player which is impressive to see indeed.

Matthew Stafford vs. Aaron Rodgers Head to Head

Obviously, it’s safe to say that Rodgers has had the upper hand against Stafford through the years quite easily. The reason has been Rodgers has played for fewer head coaches, has enjoyed a better organizational approach which hasn’t changed and has had better skill position players and a better defense during his time. That’s led to a pretty gaudy mark against the Lions.

All-time, Stafford is 7-12 against the Packers and has thrown 36 touchdowns to 20 interceptions over his career against Green Bay. Even in spite of those numbers, Stafford has made a habit of having big games and making big plays against the Packers, so Rodgers has had a front row seat to see Stafford and understand just how talented he is on the field.

Though the wins and losses don’t match up and while Stafford has not received any hardware for his play, Rodgers seems to know how underrated Stafford is outside of the league. Within the league, however, it’s clear there remains a support base for Stafford and his play.

Matthew Stafford’s No Look Passes

It’s true that Stafford has done the same things as Rodgers and Mahomes in his career with regards to no look passes and sidearm passes. Stafford hasn’t done it for a team in first place, nor has he done it in a primetime game or a playoff game. As a result, he will never get the publicity that either of the other quarterbacks will for doing the same things on the field. That doesn’t mean Stafford is any less talented though, something that Rodgers would likely agree with.

Here’s a few examples of what Rodgers is talking about.

Matthew Stafford No Look pass#NFL #Nice Pass #Higlights #Matthew Stafford #Lions VS Raiders2019-11-08T15:40:06Z

Matt Stafford no-look passStafford has been doing the no-look pass for a while now. Week 7 example.2019-10-23T16:43:17Z

The stats also show how good Stafford is at throwing the ball considering his 43,606 passing yards and 273 touchdowns and counting. Stafford will finish as one of the most statistically dominating quarterbacks of all time, and might never get the full recognition he deserves.

Obviously, Rodgers is trying to change all this by sharing his opinion.

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