Kelly Stafford Offers Revealing Reaction To COVID-19 News

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford warms up before the game against the Colts.

The Detroit Lions have seen the status of Matthew Stafford go firmly up in the air for Week 9, and now his wife Kelly Stafford is chiming in on the situation with some new information as only she can.

Wednesday, folks were shocked to learn Stafford had been placed on the COVID-19 reserve list. That news didn’t mean Stafford was positive himself but that he had been in the circle of someone who was high risk and had to be observed as a result.

After this news broke, Stafford’s wife hopped on the internet and added her commentary on the matter. As she simply said, “here we go again.”

Interestingly enough, though, Stafford also explained why her husband could be alright this weekend. As she explained, everyone has been testing negative all week long since the exposure happened last Monday.

If this is true, it could be good news for Stafford this weekend against the Minnesota Vikings. Stafford is going to have to be monitored the rest of the week and the weekend, but there is a chance he can play if no symptoms show and he keeps testing negative by the time Sunday rolls around.

Right now, the only thing left for the Lions to do is watch and wait to see if Stafford can play. If he stays healthy and doesn’t show symptoms himself or test positive, the answer to that question could be yes.

Kelly Stafford’s August Reaction Drew Headlines

This isn’t the first time Matthew Stafford has had a situation with COVID-19. Earlier this offseason when the Lions were coming to camp, Stafford was flagged as a positive. That was later reversed to be a false positive, and his wife let the NFL know in no uncertain terms that she was unhappy with the process and how it played out.

This time, there seems as if there is more of a reason to keep an eye on Stafford given the contact tracing behind the situation. Nobody is saying he is positive or has the virus, but merely that he has to be monitored as a result of having a contact. If everything checks out, he could quickly play this weekend with a clean bill of health.

What if Matthew Stafford Can’t Play vs. Vikings?

Wednesday, the Lions placed Stafford on the COVID-19/Reserve list, meaning Stafford will now have to be monitored ahead of Sunday’s game against the Vikings, which is what his wife has been reacting to.

In Stafford’s absence should it occur, the team is likely to start veteran quarterback Chase Daniel. Daniel was signed this offseason for a reason just like this, given the uncertainty that always seemed to shroud the 2020 year with the NFL and particularly Detroit. Daniel could give the team an experienced player to rely on if Stafford cannot go. He will be well versed and ready to run the team’s offense.

Stafford’s wife has spoken her peace on the matter, and now all everyone can do is wait and see what happens in the days ahead to his status.

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