Matthew Stafford’s Future up in the Air After Lions’ Big Changes

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford looks on after a Thanksgiving Day blowout loss.

The Detroit Lions fired their general manager and head coach, and now the team’s players have to go through yet another regime change in the league.

It’s just part of the job description in the NFL, but one player has been through more of this than most in Matthew Stafford. This will be Stafford’s fourth new coach and third new general manager during his career, and most folks are starting to wonder whether or not Stafford sticks around for more in Detroit.

According to owner Sheila Ford Hamp, that’s a question for another day considering it will be something the new regime will have to decide on themselves.

The comment is an interesting one considering most have felt the Ford family has stuck up for Stafford in the past. Indeed, Ford Hamp said he’s a talented and tough player, but the fact she is not committing to anything until a new setup arrives in Detroit is fantastic news. Those decisions are for the front office and staff, and with sweeping change coming, someone else will have to evaluate Stafford and his future.

This isn’t to say the Lions couldn’t or shouldn’t stick with Stafford, but merely that someone else will be taking an unbiased look at what to do next with the quarterback. That’s all fans could have hoped for at this point in time.

Dan Orlovsky Urges Lions Trade Matthew Stafford

Someone who has long called for change in Detroit is ESPN analyst and former Detroit quarterback Dan Orlovsky. While Orlovsky was overjoyed with the team’s decision to move on from Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia like most former Lions, he said the change shouldn’t stop there and should trickle down to Stafford next.

Orlovsky and Stafford remain close from their time in Detroit, so could this be what Stafford wants in the end? It’s a fascinating angle to consider and remember. The case for change in Detroit has long been made by Orlovsky, so for him to say that Stafford should be next would indicate he thinks a total rebuild will be needed.

Matthew Stafford’s Inconsistency Plaguing Lions

This season, Stafford has been playing hot and cold football. He’s thrown 18 touchdowns to 8 interceptions and thrown for 2,876 yards. The problem is the Lions have seen him make a ton of critical mistakes in games at this point to derail their chances of winning. Stafford is the reason the Lions have some of the few wins they do, of course, but this only underscores the paradox of his tenure in Detroit. He’s capable of delivering clutch wins but maddening defeats.

A new staff will have a big decision to make with the 32 year old who’s once elongated contract keeps whittling down. This offseason, there’s an out for the Lions if they want it but it will account for an astronomical $24.85 million against the cap. More than likely a trade would have to be worked out rather than a release given this.

Regardless, the time for a change could be rapidly coming, and whomever takes over will be the ones to make this decision in the end.

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