Penei Sewell Sounding Ready for 2022 Breakout With Lions

Penei Sewell

Getty Penei Sewell before a Lions game against Seattle in 2022.

Adjusting to the NFL can be tough for young players, but Penei Sewell made it look very easy for the Detroit Lions in 2021.

The rookie started 16 games for the Lions last year, and so far, seems to have continued on his path toward greatness given the preparedness he has shown for his next challenge.

Heading toward the 2022 season, Sewell revealed that he is in a good headspace before a new year. Speaking after practice on Monday, August 1, Sewell told reporters including ESPN’s Eric Woodyard that things have slowed down considerably.

“Lions T Penei Sewell on differences from Year 1 to Year 2 of camp: “I know what to expect. The speed is way slower. Everything’s not coming at me 1,000 miles per hour. Everyone is normal speed and I like it,” Sewell said as shown by Woodyard’s tweet.

The game slowing down is significant for Sewell. With that in mind, Sewell can simply settle in and focus on improving instead of scrambling to adjust. For a young player, there may be no more important variable.

Sewell Bringing Tough Mindset to Practice

Sewell is comfortable and it has already shown in practice. Possibly the biggest bit of news from the first day in pads involved an impressive bit of work from the offensive tackle.

During his rookie season of 2021, Sewell was long seen as one of the more physical players up front. He adjusted well as the season went on, and was never shy of a challenge. It seems Sewell has carried that over into 2022 significantly.

In practice, Sewell was cited for laying out cornerback Jeff Okudah while doing work by Colton Pouncey of The Athletic.

“Penei Sewell just destroyed Jeff Okudah,” Pouncey tweeted.

Nick Baumgardner of The Athletic added a bit more context, saying that the play happened on a screen pass in space, showing Sewell’s readiness.

“In space — 10 yards away from the snap — on a screen. Sewell is ready to go,” Baumgardner proclaimed.

All of these plays show how high the ceiling might be for Sewell on the field. He’s capable of some big things as long as he stays healthy and consistent.

Sewell Feels Primed for Bigger 2022 Season

The admission that things have slowed down for Sewell seems extra important at this stage of his career with the team.

Often times, things can move incredibly fast for a young player, especially on the offensive side of the ball. It can be tough to adjust to faster and bigger players as well as a new offense coming from college. Sewell passed that test in season one, even as tough as things seemed at times.

Now, with more experience under his belt, Sewell could be primed to take the leap from a promising young player to one of the better offensive tackles in the league. That was the hope for the Lions, and with Sewell’s words, it could now be the expectation.

Seeing where things go on the field with Sewell setting the tone will now be an important variable to watch.

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