Hunt Report: Lions Must Clean House After Ugliest Loss for Current Regime

Matt Patricia

Getty Matt Patricia during Detroit's loss to Carolina.

The Detroit Lions had the playoff chase in mind as they took the field against the Carolina Panthers, but by the time the game ended, all anyone could think about was starting over. Again.

Detroit felt good coming into the game at 4-5 after a close win against Washington, but that hope was quickly squelched by a pitiful performance against the Panthers. Led by former XFL quarterback P.J. Walker, the Panthers built a lead on the Lions and simply never gave it up. Detroit was listless, played poorly and looked disinterested most of the afternoon in a 20-0 blowout loss.

As a result of this and everything else, it’s time for the Lions to burn it to the ground again. Bob Quinn should be fired, as well as his head coach Matt Patricia. Quinn’s had 5 full years to put his imprint on the Detroit roster and the team only seems to trend backward every season. Patricia has been his coach for 3 years and the team still cannot get out of their own way.

If owner Sheila Ford Hamp is watching, she should be embarrassed and wanting more for her franchise. The Lions aren’t making the playoffs, so it’s time to get a head start on the process and clean house. The sooner is obviously the better considering how poorly the Lions have played and what a laughingstock they’ve been at times this season.

With the annual Thanksgiving Day game coming, the Lions are shaping up to be a national punchline again. The team should simply get ahead of the story and clean house quick. That way, they can sell hope for the future amid the usually bleak present.

It’s clear the Lions aren’t making the playoffs, nor making the kind of improvement asked of them. As a result, the time has come to make the firings official and start over.

What else is there to know about another failed hunt? Here’s a look.

Discipline Never Improved With Matt Patricia

In a second half which was vital for the Lions, the team made mental error after mental error. Not only did they lose a critical touchdown thanks to a simple illegal formation penalty, the Lions comically allowed the Panthers to run the game out by running into the kicker allowing for a field goal and jumping offsides which allowed Carolina to run the game out. In critical times, the team is not mentally engaged enough to avoid mistakes. This is what many fans likely hoped Patricia would bring to the roster, but it hasn’t happened. Quite possibly, it’s the biggest reason he should be let go. It was proven once again in this game.

Detroit’s Offensive Plan Isn’t Great

The Lions seem to have peaked last season with Darrell Bevell coordinating them. This year, Bevell hasn’t found the flow needed in order to give the team a chance to win. He runs the ball far too much and uses the wrong personnel when doing so often. When he does pass the ball, it is predictable. The best play Bevell ran was nullified due to a penalty. The Lions need some more inventive plans on offense and a coach capable of using the weapons they have. Bevell hasn’t shaken things up nearly enough.

Lions’ MVP vs. Carolina: Amani Oruwariye, CB

The Lions didn’t have many great plays from anyone on this day, but one player who is playing hard this season is Oruwariye, the cornerback who is a second year player. He made a nice interception in the end zone to thwart a scoring drive and looked like a player who was making his case to be on the roster moving forward. Arguably, Oruwariye is playing much better than Jeff Okudah.

Lions’ Lamb vs. Carolina: Offensive Line

Detroit had only 14 sacks coming into this game, and Carolina merely had 11. The Lions frustrate folks with their inability to rush the passer, and the Panthers were even worse at doing so before they played Detroit. The line was a mess on this day, and after it was finished, the team had given up 5 sacks to a team that had less sacks than them entering the game. Just an unmitigated disaster for the team’s front, all of whom played poorly.

Lions’ Stat to Note

0, the number of points the Lions scored in this game. It was the first time Detroit has been shut out in a game since 2009, and the first time under Matthew Stafford the team has ever been blanked. If that doesn’t paint the picture of a team in a free fall, nothing will.

Lions Quote to Note

“They played better than we did. We didn’t execute well enough. We’ve gotta coach better, I’ve gotta coach better. And we’ve gotta play better.”- Matt Patricia. Once again, the coach doubled down on the same excuses he has used all season long and most of his career. It’s possible knowing this that the Lions need a fresh voice.

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