‘Doing Our Damn Job:’ Lions Linebacker Colorfully Explains Turnaround

Reggie Ragland

Getty Reggie Ragland during a Saints game.

The Detroit Lions started the season a miserable 1-3, but since have rattled off a pair of wins in order to turn things around on the field and perhaps give them a chance at a midseason run.

So why the change? Was it a matter of a bye week, health or a favorable schedule? All those things could certainly be true, but Lions linebacker Reggie Ragland has a different explanation on why the Lions have managed to turn things around at this point in time.

According to Ragland, the Lions are simply “doing their damn job” on the football field. Previously, Ragland admitted to believing the team even when things looked dire, so this turnaround in play has to be welcoming for him personally and professionally.

Ragland is one of the best interviews on the team thanks to his bluntness and his ability to tell it like it is. He’s maintained the Lions have all the talent to win the Super Bowl providing they are able to get things together. “Do Your Job” has long been the mantra in New England, and that may have transferred to the Lions as well.

It’s the reason Ragland sees the team finally starting to play well this season.

Reggie Ragland’s Passionate Plea To Lions

When the Lions were floundering earlier this season after a loss to the Packers, Ragland was full of opinions about why that was the case. As he said at the time, he simply wanted the Lions and his teammates to look forward. Additionally, Ragland said at the time that he didn’t seem to think anything is missing from the roster or the team. As he said, the only way forward for the Lions is simply to step up and play some ball. Some (bleeping) ball to be perfectly exact.

Ragland issued this impassioned message to the media and fans after the Lions had blown a 14-3 advantage against the Green Bay Packers. As a result, folks were beginning to wonder at the time if Matt Patricia was in some trouble as the coach of the team. Not so according to the players, and certainly not so according to Ragland as this quote is presented in context.

Detroit has sure turned it around since that game, and it will be interesting to see if they can stay on the right path moving forward and keep playing “(bleeping) ball” as well as “doing their damn job” on the football field.

Is it possible Ragland’s fire has been a reason the Lions have turned it around? That could be more than the case.

Reggie Ragland Career Stats

Since busting into the league in 2016 as a second round pick of the Buffalo Bills, Ragland has endured a slow start to his career. He injured his ACL in training camp, and then was bumped back on the depth chart. Ragland was then traded to the Chiefs for a fourth round draft pick.

In Kansas City, Ragland has come into his own a bit and has 158 tackles, 2.5 career sacks, 1 fumble recovery, 1 interception and 1 touchdown in his career. In the Super Bowl, Ragland collected 2 tackles. This season in Detroit, Ragland has played well and certainly done his job thus far with 16 tackles and 1 sack to his credit.

The Lions might be turning things around by doing their job as Ragland sees it.

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