Analyst: Robert Saleh ‘the Man’ for Lions’ Coaching Job

Robert Saleh

Getty Robert Saleh coaching San Francisco in 2020.

The Detroit Lions and their fans had another rough weekend after a blowout loss, but soon, the pain of the 2020 season will be over and it will be time to focus on better things.

That reminder was presented to the team’s fans again by NFL Network analyst Rich Eisen. While watching football on Saturday, Eisen explained that while Lions fans felt hopeless, all they needed to do to feel better was keep watching football, because Robert Saleh’s defense was impressive in the nightcap, and Saleh should be the next coach of the Lions.

Saleh has been connected to the Detroit job by plenty of people, and he even admitted himself that his family and friends have been talking about the potential fit, even as Saleh himself has remained focused on his season in San Francisco. Saleh is an obvious leader of men, and according to some, that should be the biggest quality the Lions hunt for in their next leader.

According to Eisen, it’s what makes him the man for the job of cleaning up the mess in Detroit.

Robert Saleh Boosted Stock With Huge Performance

Like the Lions, Saleh’s San Francisco defense has been hampered a ton by injuries during the 2020 season. Unlike the Lions, Saleh’s team managed to find a way to pull a major upset. Even though it’s likely the 49ers will be missing the postseason, the team still managed to lock down the Arizona Cardinals in a 20-12 victory. The game was eye opening for fans of Saleh, because the coach’s defense had plenty of injuries to deal with and still had a stout performance against one of the NFL’s best offenses that was looking to make the playoffs. With 3 sacks and 1 interception, the 49ers gritted out the win and provided Saleh with the perfect resume booster at just the right time. Everyone in the media was all-eyes as well.

Peter King Likes Robert Saleh’s fit With Lions

Count Peter King of NBC Sports as yet another person impressed with what Saleh has done on the field and someone connecting him with Detroit. In being named King’s coach of the week in his Football Morning in America column, he was happy with what the coach did against the Cardinals, and explained that Saleh’s players love him for his organization and his ability to lead as well as scheme. As a result, King claims that Saleh is the total package for the Lions organization in terms of philosophy, leadership and planning and “is what Detroit needs right now.”

Detroit can’t talk to Saleh until after the season is over, and with the 49ers likely to miss the playoffs, that interview could come fast and furious following the end of the year. The Lions are also likely to talk to other candidates during the interview. cycle, but Saleh could end up making a ton of sense for them if he is willing to take the job.

Add Eisen’s name to the list of those feeling as if Saleh is a slam-dunk fit for the team.

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