Analyst Suggests Lions ‘Gladly’ Trade Draft Picks for Young Quarterback

Sam Darnold

Getty Sam Darnold during Jets-Chiefs.

The Detroit Lions theoretically have their quarterback of the present and near future in Matthew Stafford, but could that change moving forward this offseason?

It’s always possible, and the potential for that move exists considering one of the players who might be available this offseason in Sam Darnold. So should the specter of Darnold perhaps being on the market give the Lions a reason to move on from Stafford quickly?

According to ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky, the answer is yes. Orlovsky included the Lions on a list of teams that should be looking into a potential Darnold trade given a potential asking price of a 2nd round pick and a 5th round pick from the New York Jets.

It’s an interesting idea for the Lions considering the fact that Darnold is a decade younger than Stafford, and the team might be able to move on seamlessly if they considered this move. The Lions aren’t likely to have a high enough pick to get their hands on an elite quarterback in the 2021 draft, and even if they did, that player could be a rookie. Darnold could give the team a young option with some tangible NFL experience.

As Orlovsky hints, it would be an interesting move for the Lions to at least consider this move and potential deal.

Sam Darnold Stats

Since joining the Jets as their top pick 2 years ago in 2018, Darnold hasn’t had a ton of help which has provided some average numbers. He’s thrown for 6,934 yards, 39 touchdowns and 34 interceptions. The Jets would make a move with Darnold if they could be assured of the top pick in the impending 2021 draft, which is likely to produce Trevor Lawrence.

Darnold himself has been cited as a player who has all the tools to be successful in the NFL, and has certainly shown flashes of brilliance in the past. He was a former first team All-PAC-12 passer in college, and has enough talent that he might be able to put things together somewhere else if given a new chance.

At 23, Darnold’s story is just beginning and it would be interesting to see him in a new place with new teammates given a new chance to flourish.

Lions Quarterback Situation

Detroit has Matthew Stafford under center for the future, of course. Beyond that, they have Chase Daniel signed for a few more seasons as backup after inking him last offseason. Stafford’s situation could come to a head this offseason, where the team could elect to move on from his contract. Bob Quinn has backed Stafford before, but if Quinn doesn’t keep his job and there is a new general manager making new decisions about the roster.

Stafford has maintained he wants to stay, but if those matters end up being beyond his control, there could be some huge changes on the horizon this offseason. A potential Darnold trade would certainly complicate things and be an interesting wrinkle moving forward.

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