Teddy Bridgewater Tells Awesome Story About Dan Campbell’s Speeches

Dan Campbell

Getty Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell.

Dan Campbell has become a legendary figure with Detroit Lions fans for some of his sayings and press conferences, but some folks forget the coach was also involved coaching other teams long before he was the boss in the Motor City.

Campbell worked with the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints, and along the way, he made a lot of fans in the locker rooms for his approach with the players and teams. Many players promised that Campbell would be an instant classic with the Lions, and so far, that’s easily been the case.

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Perhaps no player summed up the entire approach and intensity of Campbell than Denver Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater knows Campbell from his days as an assistant coach, so there was no shock when he provided a great talking point about his former boss this week ahead of a Week 14 clash on the field.

As Bridgewater told the media on Wednesday, December 8, Campbell’s motivational speeches were so good they almost drove him to violence before the games.

“I was able to spend those two years with him in New Orleans. Whenever he stood in front of the team and talked, you’re ready to just storm out of that meeting and punch a guy in the face for no reason. Dan is awesome,” Bridgewater said, via CBS Detroit’s Will Burchfield.

Anyone who hears this likely isn’t going to be shocked. Campbell seems to have the “it factor” for motivation, and plenty of Lions fans have also probably been similarly moved after hearing him speak.

Campbell & Bridgewater Were Together in New Orleans

Bridgewater would know a lot about Campbell because the duo did overlap in New Orleans for a few seasons while Campbell was coaching tight ends and was an offensive assistant for the Saints.

While Bridgewater didn’t play much as the backup to Drew Brees, the quarterback was still likely very involved with Campbell day-to-day and knew a lot about his personality as a result. As he said, he drew some inspiration from Campbell on a day-to-day basis considering how the coach interacted with his players and his team.

Bridgewater moved on this past offseason to Denver, where he has been given a shot as the team’s starting quarterback. Similarly, Campbell moved on to the Lions, where he’s been given a shot as the team’s head coach. The sides will re-connect this week when Detroit travels to Denver for a game.

Watch Campbell’s Kneecap Rant for Lions

Bridgewater probably wouldn’t be shocked to learn that upon being hired, Campbell went absolutely off on what his new job means and his excitement for leading the team.

After being introduced, Campbell lit into a soliloquy about the city of Detroit and what his vision is for the mindset and makeup of the team. The commentary was second to none and may have been one of the best opening statements a new coaching hire has made in quite some time.

Here’s Campbell preaching to his new city almost a year ago:

Kneecaps? Toughness? Grit? This speech hit all the bingo cards for Lions fans, Michiganders and folks who love Detroit alike. Campbell’s speech was real and from the heart, and while some might laugh about the message or delivery, it’s clear he’s serious about wanting to build a team that can win for the city. This speech was simply a taste of what he could give his team on a daily basis.

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