Lions QB Reveals Biggest Offseason Improvement for 2022

Tim Boyle

Getty Tim Boyle stands with Jared Goff during Lions training camp in 2022.

Detroit Lions quarterback Tim Boyle was thrust into duty late last season when Jared Goff got injured, and such a situation can be difficult on a player.

Boyle had to adjust on the fly without much experience in the league, and it was a situation that he had to deal with in addition to an injury-riddled Lions roster.

As a whole, Boyle did a decent job to keep his head above water, and the experience is something he is applying for this year. As he explained to the media on Tuesday, August 9, Boyle thinks he has improved mentally in a big way to let things roll off his back.

Jared Goff, David Blough, and Tim Boyle meet the media at Detroit Lions Training CampWatch Detroit Lions quarterbacks Jared Goff, David Blough, and Tim Boyle speak to the media on August 9, 2022 at Detroit Lions Training Camp presented by Rocket Mortgage. 00:00 – 7:09: QB Jared Goff 7:10 – 12:42: QB David Blough 12:43 – 19:09: QB Tim Boyle Subscribe to the Lions YT Channel: More Lions…2022-08-09T21:45:01Z

“I just think my composure. I think that I’m not too up, I’m not too down,” Boyle told the media. “I’ve kind of just maintained this kind of steady ‘do my job, don’t worry about my reps, just the rep in front of you, just do the best you can do’ (mindset) and I think that’s what’s gotten me to year five honestly, and just controlling the controllables around me.”

In terms of what he worked on, Boyle felt his escapability and pocket comfortability needed some work, so he rolled up his sleeves this offseason and believes he was able to do enough to feel better about where he is at.

“I think from last year (to) this year, this past offseason I worked a lot on pocket movement. I feel way more comfortable moving around in the pocket if someone steps across my face,” he said. “Just being able to get around it and still keep my eyes down field and deliver a good ball I think is an area in which I’ve improved in the offseason.”

So far, Boyle is in strong contention to be a backup in a wide open competition for quarterback in Detroit. If Boyle is able to chase that role down, he might only have his improvements in the pocket to thank.

Boyle Feels More Ready for 2022 Duties

With all of this in mind, how does Boyle feel about being called into battle this season? It doesn’t sound as if the quarterback would be scared of that situation at all if the situation arises.

As Boyle explained, he believes he is ready if he is called upon to start again thanks to the experience he already managed to receive in 2021.

“I think like I said, those reps last year for me in games were critical. You don’t really know what you know until you’re in those game situations, and those three starts I had last year were incredible for my growth as a quarterback,” Boyle said. “(It) also gives me some perspective on what I’m doing out here (in practice). Nothing’s ever going to be as tough as those games, so out here, you kind of take it with a grain of salt of everything out here needs to look perfect. For me, it has to feel good because once the live bullets are flying, the quarterback’s live stuff gets real so I do feel like I’m more comfortable. I know what to expect the next time I’m out there on the field.”

The hope for the Lions, of course, is Boyle never sees the field. If and when he does, though, it’s possible that the experience last year can put him over the top.

Boyle’s Career Stats & Highlights

Since joining the Packers prior to signing in Detroit, Boyle has received a cult following with fans thanks to the way he performs in the offseason, training camp and preseason.

Boyle has put up some decent stats in college, throwing for 3,371 yards, 12 touchdowns and 26 interceptions. He played at UConn before transferring to Eastern Kentucky. Boyle played for the last three seasons in Green Bay in mostly mop-up duty before coming to Detroit. Last year, he threw 3 touchdowns to 6 interceptions while playing for the Lions.

Boyle did have a few good moments last season, namely this touchdown pass against Atlanta:

Lions superstar QB Tim Boyle throws TD to Amon-Ra St. Brown 😈😈Discord Server: Clip Channel: Gaming Channel: TikTok: Business Email: Twitter: Instagram: Twitch: Patreon: Merch: (All rights go to ESPN, Fox, CBS, NBC, Universal Music Group, the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, NHL, XFL & its broadcasters. I do not own the music and the footage used…2021-12-26T19:06:10Z

Boyle has shown an ability to make passes and lead confidently, and the experience he already has should be a bonus for him. Already, he sounds like a more confident player.

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