Lions Week 11 Draft Rooting Guide: Hoping for a Texans Miracle

David Culley

Getty David Culley on the field during a Texans vs. Dolphins game in 2021.

The Detroit Lions didn’t lose in Week 10, but they weren’t able to win, either. To that end, they didn’t lose any ground at all in the race for the top pick in the 2022 NFL draft.

Maintaining status quo isn’t a bad thing this time of year, but the Lions would also prefer to be able to open up a little more of a lead on the opposition that provided them a comfortable landing should they win a game or two down the stretch of the season.

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This week, there are more than a few games on the docket which will be a big deal for the Lions and their hopes of being able to stay afloat with the top pick. What are the most important games to watch? Here’s a look at picking out the best ones for Week 11.

New York Jets Over Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins and Jets are both bad teams, and the only difference is Miami has one extra win at this point. That’s huge in terms of the draft standings, and the Lions will want to see the Jets pick up win three of the season in order to move further back on the draft board for 2022. Either way, the Lions are going to win here, because if Miami scores a victory, it will give them their fourth win of the year and perhaps establish them as a team well out of Detroit’s zone for the top draft pick. The Lions would prefer to see the Jets do this as well starting this week.

Houston Texans Over Tennessee Titans

File this in the unlikely column considering the Titans look like one of the AFC’s top teams while the Texans have just one win on the year. Obviously, it’s safe to say that the Lions would love to see the Texans pick up a second win, which would effectively narrow the margin of error they have to work with atop the draft standings. Houston’s been bad, though, and while the Lions have been worse, they need to see the Texans score a win eventually to help them stick in the basement. Perhaps this game is one where the Texans can play above potential to be able to secure the shocking victory. It’s probably not worth betting on, however.

Jacksonville Jaguars Over San Francisco 49ers

The Lions got lucky a few weeks ago when the Jaguars pulled an upset over Buffalo, so they know a win over San Francisco is at least possible, even if it isn’t likely at all. Still, hoping the Jaguars get a third win to keep the pressure off atop the draft standings should be a huge focus of Detroit the next few weeks. Many thought the Jaguars could challenge for the top pick, but a win would push them even further down the list and make sure that was not the case whatsoever.

Washington Football Team Over Carolina Panthers

Last week, the Lions were the beneficiary of a major upset, when Washington managed to beat Tampa Bay. This time around, the Lions will have to hope that the Football Team can stay hot and carry over their momentum to another week. There are plenty of teams with three losses, but the Lions would be happy to see Washington earn their fourth win and move up the standings a bit. After last week’s win, Washington will be hot, and a victory here could help in a big way keeping the possible pressure off Detroit from their end.

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