Warriors Have New Update on Andre Iguodala: Report

Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors.

With around a month left until the start of the regular season, the Golden State Warriors roster is pretty set. They’ve brought back most of the same players from last season, outside of the additions of Donte DiVincenzo, JaMychal Green, and some rookies.

Obviously, they lost Otto Porter Jr., Gary Payton II, and Nemanja Bjelica, but overall, the roster looks pretty much the same. They still have a couple of roster spots available, but as previously reported, they are still holding one for Andre Iguodala, who has yet to decide whether or not he’s coming back for another season.

Iguodala will decide between a return to the Warriors and retirement sometime in the near future, and has revealed that he will make the announcement on his podcast. However, according to long-time NBA insider Marc Stein, the Warriors already have some indication as to what his decision will be.

“The only certainty regarding Andre Iguodala’s plans for the coming season is that he intends to announce his play-or-retire decision at age 38 on his weekly podcast with Evan Turner,” Stein wrote in the September 18 edition of his newsletter, The Stein Line. “The Warriors, I’m told, do expect Iguodala to play for one more season but are prepared for any outcome and are also open to bringing the 18-year veteran back on his timetable. The Warriors, as mentioned above, are on the short list of teams starting training camp a few days early because they play a pair of exhibition games against the Wizards in Japan on Sept. 30 and Oct. 2.”

Stein isn’t the only person discussing a potential Iguodala return, though.

Warriors Want Iguodala Back

During a recent edition of his podcast, The TK Show, Tim Kawakami of The Athletic spoke with Bob Myers, the GM of the Warriors. When the topic of Iguodala came up, Myers said that the Warriors want him back.

“We’re getting near that point,” Myers said. “I don’t know what he’s going to do, I hope he plays for us. I know you’ve heard Steve (Kerr) comment on that. I really think he’s important to our season.”

He also explained how Iguodala is able to communicate with everyone on the team so effectively.

“Andre is one of those guys … he’s got a great respect level about him, he has got a great presence,” Myers explained. “He is one of the few people in the world that can look Curry or Draymond or Klay in the eye and meet them at their level, but also grab a Jordan Poole or Kuminga or Wiseman and speak to them, encourage them. There’s no one else in the league who can do that for our team.”

In addition, he also revealed that Golden State has pursued Iguodala this summer rather than vice versa.

Myers: ‘We Have Pursued Him’

While Iguodala has been given space to make his decision, Myers also stated that the Warriors have pursued him more than the other way around.

“We think he can play and help us in certain spots,” Myers said. “We really want him back. This isn’t like charity thing, it’s not, ‘We can’t not say yes to Andre because he’s won championships.’ We have pursued him more than he has pursued us. But we have also left him the grace to make the decision on his own because he’s earned that, too. He’s played in the NBA long enough, he knows what it is, he’s played in our organization. If he wants to come back, we’d love to have him.

Iguodala has yet to announce his decision, but it’s clear that the Warriors want him. And based on the report from Stein, they’re confident that he’ll be back.

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