Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins Breaks Silence on Contract Drama

Andrew Wiggins Stephen Curry

Getty Andrew Wiggins and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors warm up prior to Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals.

Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins was a key contributor to last year’s championship run, but whether he will continue to contribute to that success beyond this season is one of the biggest questions swirling around the franchise’s future.

Wiggins is under contract with the Dubs for one more season at a price tag of $33.6 million, the final year of a five-year deal valued at nearly $148 million total. However, Wiggins is eligible to sign an extension with the club at any point between now and June 30 of next year, but it’s likely to run even more expensive than his current contract unless the starter is willing to accept a discount.

Considering the timetable, there isn’t a burning rush to get a deal done. Major contract agreements are not typically negotiated during the season, though it does occur. It is avoided, at least in part, to dodge the distraction of media and fans asking questions and speculating on a player’s future.

Case in point, the last few months have been full of discussion about how the Warriors will move forward with Wiggins following the 2022-23 campaign. But the man himself said all that talk is of little concern to him.

Andrew Wiggins 2022 Media Day Press Conference | Golden State Warriors2022-09-26T00:48:27Z

“It doesn’t really weigh in a lot,” Wiggins told media members on Sunday, September 25. “I play basketball and I just let my agents worry about all that. My plan is just to hoop and whatever happens, happens.”

Wiggins was then asked whether he would prefer to get some closure on a potential extension sooner than later, a question he dodged rather artfully.

“I know my agents and the team probably have a plan or something,” Wiggins added. “Right now, I’m just focused on the season and what’s coming ahead.”

Jordan Poole Can Also Extend With Golden State This Year

Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole of the Golden State Warriors.

GettyAndrew Wiggins (left) and Jordan Poole (right) of the Golden State Warriors.

Some of what’s coming ahead is an NBA title defense, but more talk and speculation about contract extensions for multiple of Wiggins’ Warriors teammates also lays in wait.

Specifically, Jordan Poole is up for a rookie extension that would go into effect next summer, but he must reach an accord with the organization far sooner than that. Golden State either needs to sign the guard to a new deal by the league’s October 17 deadline or watch him play his way into restricted free agency.

The Dubs would still control his player rights and could match any offer sheet made by another franchise, thereby retaining Poole. However, competitors could structure offers in a fashion that would make it more painful and onerous for the Warriors to bring Poole back than it would be if they signed him now.

Poole also discussed his contract situation while speaking with reporters Sunday, although in a passive style, the same as Wiggins did.

“Obviously that’s something that’s out there, but I’m going to let my reps handle that,” Poole said. “I have confidence that we’ll work something out. I’m just here to play basketball and excited to be back with the team.”

Steph Curry Expresses Desire to Bring Everyone Back to Warriors

Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty(L-R) Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Four-time champion Draymond Green is technically under contract with the Warriors for two more seasons, though he can opt out next summer and hit unrestricted free agency. That means the team could technically offer him an extension at any point between now and June 30, the same as Wiggins.

Green said on Sunday that he did not believe such an extension would come to pass on that timeline, though he has indicated publicly he wants such a deal and desires a max offer.

His teammate Steph Curry — who is currently playing on a four-year contract worth $215 million —  told reporters that it is his desire, along with the rest of the team’s, to bring back every core member of the Warriors’ championship group.

“We want the best chance to win every single year,” Curry said. “We’ve proven with this squad what the results have been. We want to keep it together as long as we can.”

The Warriors will pay more than any team in NBA history for their 2022-23 roster, a distinction last season’s team held until it was outspent by Golden State brass this year. At some point the spending will have to stop, as will all the can kicking that took place Sunday, and the Dubs will face some tough decisions on who should stay and who simply has to go.

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