Key Warriors Member Could Depart Due to ‘Different Directions’: Sources

The Golden State Warriors have had a rough season. Despite bringing home the championship last year, they’ve spent this year teetering back and forth between their old guard and their new guard. Because of that, some questions have been brought up surrounding the future of general manager Bob Myers with the team.

“Bob has had to work both sides,” a Western Conference GM told Heavy Sports’ Sean Deveney. “He has been trying to do that really since Kevin Durant left. There is a vision of, let’s win championships and have a bunch of young players we can develop, too, and the vision of, let’s give away all the young guys and get guys who can help us win now because Steph and Klay and Draymond are getting old. You have ownership on one side, they want the young players, they want to think about the future and the tax bills. And you have coaches and players on the other side. Bob is in the middle.”

Myers has made some solid moves, however, especially in an attempt to improve the team around its current core.

“Getting [Gary] Payton [II] is a win for him, moving off [James] Wiseman,” said the GM. “He saw that was the right thing to do a while back. The injury really stings for him because he would have had the ability to say, if Payton came in and played great and they won a bunch of games, he could say, OK, see, I was right on this.”

Bob Myers Struggling to Find Balance With Warriors

When Myers joined the Warriors, they were in a great spot. They were ready to compete for championships, and the moves he made helped them do just that. But since then, Myers has been trying to ride the line of bringing a new future to Golden State while also putting a winning team around Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

“But either way, I think it is a tough job for him,” the source said. “I think when he got the job (in 2012) there, it was like, so many things started going right. Steph got healthy, they got him on a cheap contract, Klay exploded, Draymond came around in the second round, Steve Kerr passed on the Knicks and he was such a great fit, had such a great vision for that roster. So there wasn’t a battle there, ownership and coaches and players—everyone was pulling in the same direction.”

Bob Myers Being ‘Tugged in Different Directions’: Exec

Because of how poorly this season has gone, some have started to wonder whether or not Myers will stay with the Warriors moving forward.

“That does not last in the NBA or in any job, right? Eventually, there are going to be different interests,” the source told Deveney. “And he is in the middle, getting pulled in different directions. He was important in building that, so of course, you’d like to see him stay and just be a fixture there. But he is going to have opportunities to go just about anywhere he wants and be given some power where he is not being tugged in different directions.”

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