Warriors Star Projected to Lose Minutes & Have Reduced Role

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors are in an interesting spot. Right now, they are the defending champions, so from that perspective, they’re on top of the world. However, a lot of the news this offseason has revolved around the potential issues they could face on the financial side of things.

Despite that, though, they still have one of the best rosters in the NBA – both from a win-now perspective and from a future perspective. They have a great core of veterans to help them compete for another title this season, but also an elite young core that looks prepared to carry them into the future.

However, that young core could be ready to take over sooner than people think. Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report wrote an article discussing the floors and ceilings of Golden State’s stars, and for Draymond Green, he said that the floor could be struggling with “injuries and offensive inconsistency” which would lead to a “reduce[d] role.”

“Green hasn’t often struggled with injuries, but as he probes deeper into his 30s (he’ll turn 33 in March), perhaps they’ll become a bigger nuisance,” Buckley wrote.

With guys like Jonathan Kuminga, James Wiseman, and Moses Moody coming up the pipeline, there are plenty of players itching for a larger role. It’s hard to imagine Green getting displaced, especially considering his history with the team, but injuries could change that.

Buckley hinted at this fact as well.

Would Require ‘Serious Development’

Kuminga and Moody are coming off of their rookie seasons, while Wiseman will essentially be doing the same, as he missed all of last year with an injury. If Green’s offensive production dips alongside potential injury issues, this could open the door.

“f they’re coupled with further regression on offense—sub-30 percent three-point shooting the past four seasons, back-to-back seasons with a new career-high turnover rate, per Basketball-Reference—he could start having his minutes crunched.

“Now, that would likely require some serious development by the young players on this roster, but Golden State has enough potential-rich prospects that it could happen,” Buckley stated.

It’s hard to believe that Green would ever be fully replaced in the rotation, but if injuries begin to strike him down, then there will definitely be an opening for Kuminga and other youngsters to earn an increased role at his expense.

But while Buckley noted that Green’s floor could be that ugly, he also believes his ceiling is through the roof.

Green’s Ceiling Could Be Major Award

While it may be possible that Green struggles with injuries this season, Buckley also said that an award could be in his future. He said that Green’s ceiling could be winning the Defensive Player of the Year award because of his elite play and the team’s top-tier defense.

“Green suited up just 46 times last season and still snagged a spot on the All-Defensive second team. If you needed anymore evidence about his supreme talent on that end, that’s a pretty ridiculous example.

“Between his five-position versatility, paint and perimeter protection and constant communication, he’s arguably the ideal anchor of a modern NBA defense,” Buckley explained.

Green has only won one Defensive Player of the Year award in his career, but he could be in line to win another this season. It all depends on whether or not he can stay healthy.

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