Warriors’ NBA Title Called Into Question by Celtics Fan Favorite

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors are one of the most talented dynasties in NBA history. Winning four championships in eight years will generally back up that sort of sentiment. And winning the fourth after a key player in the team’s rotation missed over two years of action makes their run even more impressive.

Their most recent title victory came after taking down the young-and-hungry Boston Celtics in six games. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green were able to take down Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Although, one of Boston’s key players still believes that the Celtics were the better team.

During an appearance on The Long Shot podcast with Duncan Robinson and Davis Reid, Celtics forward Grant Williams said that he believes that Boston was the better team. However, he did admit that Golden State was the more disciplined squad.

“When I’ve reflected and looked back to those games, I still would say confidently – confidently – to this day, they weren’t the better team. I would say they were the more disciplined team,” Williams explained to Robinson and Reid.

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Williams was very vocal during the NBA Finals. He got into it with Green on multiple occasions, and during his podcast appearance, even revealed some more details about his run-in with Green.

Finals Trash Talk Escalated

While discussing his experience in the Finals with Robinson and Reid, the topic of his alterations with Green came up. Williams revealed an interesting tidbit about a story he heard regarding Green, as well as the fact that this was the first time Green had ever replied to his trash talk.

“Somebody told me a story about how Draymond got into an altercation when he was younger and got knocked out. I was literally doing research. That was the first time I’ve had Draymond not say something back to me – I was like, ‘Yeah I got that one,’” Williams explained. “Draymond said ‘You want to be like me’ and I was like ‘How can I want to be like you when I’m better than you already?”

A moment involving Green and Williams went viral during the Finals. Williams was apparently talking trash to Green from the bench when Green replied saying that Williams wants to be him.

The Warriors star wasn’t shy about discussing his altercations with Williams, either.

Green Sounds Off on Williams

Before the series began, Williams explained how he looks up to Green. However, once the series began, he started talking trash. Green didn’t take kindly to this, stating that once a person starts the conversation, he’s going to talk back.

“When a guy comes and starts — when you say that and then you start talking junk to me, then yes, I’m going to say something about that,” Green explained. “Of course. But I didn’t say anything about that Game 1 because he wasn’t talking to me. I’m not going to go watch his press conference where he gives me props, where he appreciates my game and then go through it in his face. That’s whack to me.”

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In the end, the Warriors got the last laugh, but based on Williams’ recent comments, the beef between the two teams might not be over.

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