Warriors Draymond Green Reveals What Led to Infamous Kevin Durant Argument


During the infamous Golden State Warriors dynasty, the team managed to make five consecutive Finals appearances. The roster was stacked with star players including Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and even Kevin Durant.

However, Durant left the team after their last Finals appearance in 2019 due to reported unhappiness with the organization. In an episode of Durant’s podcast, former teammates Green and Durant share details of what led to one of the most memorable moments in their time together, the infamous on-court argument between the two.

Green and Durant Reveal What Happened


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In a recent episode of his podcast, The ETCs, Kevin Durant was joined by former teammate Green to discuss their infamous on-court argument. Here’s what happened:

It was the beginning of the 2018-19 season where the Warriors sat with a record of 11-2 before facing the Los Angeles Clippers. The game for the most part was evenly matched, where it came down to the final possession with the score tied at 106.

Lou Williams put up a shot and missed where Green then rebounded. Green had possession of the ball and began to carry it down to the other end of the floor. Durant was demanding that he pass him the ball but Green apparently ignored him, leading to Durant not running up the court. Green then dribbled the ball off of his foot which led to the clock expiring, sending the game to overtime.

What resulted was a heated argument, obviously from Durant’s frustrations with Green for not passing, and from Green for Durant’s lack of hustle.  Both then were screaming at each other in the Warriors’ huddle where Demarcus Cousins had to pull a heated Green away, and it was all on film.

Green admitted that he intended to pass the ball back to Durant before the time expired, however, the turnover that happened took away the opportunity for that to happen and potentially make a game-winning play.

“One thing is said or another, we argue, DeMarcus [Cousins] pulls me [away] and tells me to shut the f*** up,” Green said, per NBC Sports Bay Area. “From there, everyone took it and made it this whole thing. To me it wasn’t a big deal. Did we get into a bad argument? Yes. But K would cuss me out all the time. Fast forward, the build up of everything, the media coverage around it, the suspension — it only made it worse. The s*** continued to fester [and] took on a complete life of its own.”

Durant backed up Green’s recollection of the argument before the two discussed how Green recruited Durant to the Warriors. Green also described the new generation of athletes in the NBA and even pointed out their lack of competitiveness.

What Happened After


This on-court argument caused a lot of speculation surrounding Durant’s future with the Warriors. There were already questions surrounding chemistry within the team’s lock room, especially when coincidentally Golden State lost four of their next five games.

Durant didn’t speak to any media following this incident and it’s reported that he also stopped speaking to his teammates as well. This only fueled the rumors that Durant was likely to leave the team during the offseason, which he did.

“I was so irritated because I knew the vultures was about to eat this s*** up,” Durant said. “I knew they were gonna use it to try to divide and separate me from the group. That was the irritating part because I knew it was gonna happen.”

Green and Durant later squashed the beef, saying that the reason that the argument got so heated was because they’re both extremely competitive individuals. This argument was deemed as a pivotal point of the season once the Warriors lost in the 2019 NBA Finals to the Toronto Raptors.

It’s obvious that the two have now put the past behind them and are still cool with each other. It seems that there are no longer any hard feelings for what happened while the two were teammates in the Bay Area. After winning a few championships together, it must be hard to continue to be mad at each other.

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