Warriors’ Andre Iguodala Comes Clean About His Relationship With Ja Morant

Andre Iguodala Warriors

Getty Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala enters the court prior to a preseason bout with the Washington Wizards.

When Andre Iguodala finally announced that he’d be playing one last season with the Golden State Warriors, the consensus among pundits was that he still had a lot to offer as a voice in the huddle/locker room. That said, one of the things that really sold him on a return was a belief that he still had something to offer on the floor as well.

“I think Steve [Kerr] was a big culprit of, ‘We really need you on the court.’” Iguodala said during his comeback announcement. “Draymond [Green] was big on that as well.”

This much is certain — Iguodala has an innate ability to connect with his teammates. Whether you’re talking about his fledgling days in Philly, the layover in Denver, those Bay Area glory days or his time in the vaunted #HeatCulture, Iggy got on with the people around him.

The same can apparently be said of the teammates Iggy never actually played with in Memphis, too. At least, that’s his story.

Iggy Sounds Off on His Relationship With Morant & the Grizz

Andre Iguodala's Best Highlights with Golden State Warriors (2013 -2019)He's baaaack! With Andre Iguodala re-joining the Golden State Warriors, take a look back at his most incredible highlights from his first stint in Dub Nation!2021-08-11T02:00:01Z

During his appearance on the latest episode The CJ McCollum Show, Iguodala made a claim that caused the titular host’s ears to prick up. Said Iguodala: “That’s one thing I’m probably the most proud of — is that I have a good relationship with every teammate I’ve ever had.”

Without missing a beat, McCollum asked Iggy whether that included his teammates in Memphis. Of course, the Warriors vet famously ruffled the feathers of Grizzlies players Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks for not suiting up for the club after being dealt there by Golden State in July of 2019.

He was traded to the Heat the following February without ever having played a game for the Grizz.

Despite his strange history with Memphis, though, Iguodala maintains that he’s on good terms with everyone there.

“Yeah, they’re my guys, too!” Iguodala said with conviction. “I’ve become a huge fan of all those guys. Jaren Jackson Jr. is one of my favorite players… I talked to Ja. I played with Allen Iverson, so I’ve seen that talent, that cultural respect, the influence on the culture that he’s had. I reached out to him. He’s responded. He’s a good kid. He’s always shown me love, too.

“Dillon Brooks even. I’ve talked about his irrational confidence, but that’s what makes him great. And then they got Bane, who shoots the lights out. I even had a conversation with him in a game.”

Kerr’s Latest Iggy Update Less Than Promising for Fans Waiting to See Him Play

The Warriors may have all of the belief in the world that Iguodala can still bring something to the table as an actual player, but that doesn’t mean he’ll actually be playing much this season, especially during the early stages.

When asked what it meant that Iggy didn’t participate in the team’s Wednesday scrimmage, Coach Kerr dropped an update that will undoubtedly disappoint some of the Dub Nation denizens.

“It just means he’s not close to playing in a game, and it also means we’re going to take our time,” Kerr said. “Again, as we said in the preseason, we want Andre healthy for the back stretch… He’s not gonna play in a game anytime soon. But he’s continuing to work and ramp up the quality of his work.”

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