Warriors’ Jordan Poole Takes ‘Slick’ Jab at Draymond Green

Jordan Poole of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Jordan Poole of the Golden State Warriors.

After a bumpy start to the season and a treacherous stretch after injury troubles got in the way, the Golden State Warriors have turned things around. They’ve now won four games in a row – all of which came at home at Chase Center.

But just because the vibes are back on track doesn’t mean there aren’t potential problems to monitor. In fact, some Warriors fans picked up on a subtle jab after Golden State’s win over the Portland Trail Blazers. Jordan Poole was giving credit to his teammates, but he seemingly named everyone except for Draymond Green.

“I missed a couple easy ones that I would like to have back,” Poole said. “But just playing through the offense. Shout out to my teammates for looking for me, getting me open, trusting me to make the right play. But also just being able to go out there and be aggressive, you know, all night. And we just keyed in on that offensive end and we picked it up on the defensive end later in the game, and it was a team effort, total team effort. Donte [DiVincenzo] played a huge, Klay [Thompson] played huge, Ty [Jerome] played huge, JK [Jonathan Kuminga], everybody. Moses [Moody] came in, gave us good minutes. So, in the league it’s a long season and everybody’s a good team. So you got to just find ways to just grit it out at the end and continue to keep going.”

One fan on Twitter pointed out the fact that he left Green out of the mix.

“Wow #JordanPoole is slick at hell with this @Money23Green shade 😂😂😂. Crushed my @trailblazers, had my man @Dame_Lillard storm off the court then this dude sits on the podium and shouts out every @warriors teammate beside Draymond lmaoooo 😭😭😭 cool ass playa,” wrote the Twitter user.

Obviously, the two have had beef in the past. Before the season began, a video leaked of Green punching Poole in the face at practice, but ever since then, there hasn’t been much news regarding the two’s relationship.

Draymond Green Blames Jordan Poole for Bench Struggles

Just because the two have seemingly gotten past their beef doesn’t mean they’ve stopped being teammates. Earlier in the season, Green stated that Golden State’s bench struggles could be Poole’s fault. He said that Poole’s style of play is unlike what the bench is used to playing with.

“I think it’s a lot different,” Green explained. “For the most part, coming off the bench, we’ve had kind of an elder statesman, if you will. [Someone] that would come off the bench, kind of slow things down, right the ship. And it’s different now, where you come off the bench, and the reality is, the first guy you come off the bench with is usually JP. And JP is a sixth starter. And so that’s a different feel.”

Draymond Green Praises Jordan Poole’s Play

That being said, Green has also praised Poole’s play this year. After a win over the Toronto Raptors, Green talked about Poole’s “incredible” play on both sides of the ball.

“He was incredible on both sides of the ball,” Green said. “And when you connect the game like that, things will go your way. We all know what a special talent he is. He’s been going through some growing pains. To see him come out tonight and have the game that he had – especially with Steph being down and us needing to get a win – was really huge. His effort on the defensive end carried over to the offensive end.”

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