Proposed Trade Sees Warriors Forced to Deal 23-Year-Old Star

Jordan Poole of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Jordan Poole of the Golden State Warriors.

Despite being the reigning NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors are in a tricky situation. Four of their core players are going to need contract extensions over the course of the next two seasons – Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, and Jordan Poole.

The latter of those three could be earning a ton of money, too. According to Dalton Johnson of NBC Sports Bay Area, Poole’s value is on the up and up. With the New York Knicks handing RJ Barrett a four-year, $120 million extension, Poole could ask for around that or even more.

If that’s the case, the question then becomes whether or not the Warriors are willing to hand him a contract extension that large. They have until October 17 to give him an extension, and if they don’t, he could enter restricted free agency. Then, if it gets to that point, exploring sign-and-trade opportunities would be smart. Here’s an example of a potential deal with the Houston Rockets.

Warriors receive: Eric Gordon, 2024 2nd-Round Pick, 2026 2nd-Round Pick

Rockets receive: Poole

It’s important to note that the whole reason this sign-and-trade works out for both teams is that the Rockets wouldn’t have to do it. They will have enough money to sign Poole outright, so if they didn’t want to make a deal, they could simply steal him away without giving Golden State anything in return.

However, there is some incentive for both sides to get a deal done.

Why Both Teams Make This Trade

For the Warriors, they would be lots of incentive to get a deal done simply because they would otherwise lose Poole for nothing. If they make the decision that they don’t want to pay him, then getting anything in return for Poole could be considered a win.

Getting back Gordon may not seem like a great addition from the perspective of Warriors fans, but he would be able to help them compete for an extra season. He’ll make almost $21 million in the final year of his contract, but it would only become fully guaranteed if he makes the All-Star team or his team wins the title (which could be possible).

Plus, it may not seem like a huge difference in salary, but when considering the tax, it would be massive. Poole is set to earn upwards of $30 million, and when taking the tax into account, it would save the Warriors a lot of money.

Meanwhile, the Rockets could be willing to make this trade because they really have no use for Gordon anymore. It’s possible that they find a trade for him this year, but if they don’t, this deal could be on the table. Throwing in two second-round picks would be their way of making sure that the Warriors don’t match the deal.

All that being said, Johnson noted how difficult negotiations will be.

Extending Poole Will Be Difficult

Johnson wrote about Golden State’s ugly financial situation for NBC Sports on August 30, mentioning just how difficult it will be.

“Of all the financial questions the Warriors have to answer in the near future, figuring out what to do with Poole should be near the top of their to-do list,” Johnson wrote. “Letting an in-house development story with star potential find a new home is the last thing the franchise wants to see happen. It won’t be easy.”

There’s a serious chance that Poole winds up on a new team by next season, but for now, fans can enjoy watching him ball out for the Warriors.

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Bobb Ansig
Bobb Ansig
20 days ago

You at heavy-com have become a spawning ground for the most idiotic trade ideas on the Internet, and that’s not an easy bar to clear. Poole is, so far, the Dubs’ top young player, already making an impact and with room to grow. They’re going to trade this for a 1-year rental who will cost MORE than Poole? And two SECOND round picks, when they are already awash in promising young players? Will you guys please GET REAL???

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