Warriors’ Head Coach Gets Brutally Honest About Frustrations With Team


The past couple of seasons have been quite different for the Golden State Warriors. Being used to holding one of the top spots in the league, struggling to make the playoffs is a different territory for the organization. In the past month, the team has struggled to get wins and continues to fall further in the Western Conference rankings.

Unfortunately, injuries have plagued the team this season and the players that are available to play are struggling with consistency. Although their star player Steph Curry has just recently returned from his injury, the Golden State Warriors are still struggling with consistency during this important part of their season. In a recent interview, head coach Steve Kerr goes into detail about what is the most difficult part of coaching the Warriors this season.

Steve Kerr Gets Real


The Warriors finally secured another win on Tuesday night against the Milwaukee Bucks. Although it was a very tough matchup, the team barely made it out with the final score being 122-121. The team has only won two of their last nine matchups as they continue to fall down the Western Conference rankings. In an interview on Monday, Kerr revealed his reasoning as to why the Warriors might not be playing their best this season.

This is definitely the first time that the puzzle hasn’t come together. In the first five years, obviously, everything went really smoothly. We had an amazing roster that fit perfectly, we had shooters, we had passers, we had defenders, we had two-way guys, and so we knew how blessed we were. This year, the puzzle has been much trickier to put together, and we’ve tried a lot of different things. We’ve tried different lineup combinations, different rotations, and tried to move the pieces around, and frankly, it has been very difficult to find anything that has been firm and successful.

Kerr did not sugarcoat anything with this statement. He’s aware that his dynasty team in the past was full of very talented players so of course in comparison to his team now there are a lot of differences. The team’s success in previous years was mainly due to a talented roster. Now that the team has endured many injuries and no longer have the same players available, Kerr has to coach amongst difficult circumstances.

Kerr Still Has Hope For His Team This Season


Despite experiencing the ultimate high of winning multiple titles, Kerr still has much confidence in his team now. Although it seems as if their playoff goals are becoming more distant, he still has high hopes for his team’s future.

So, frustrating, but we have to keep going, and keep searching, and keep searching for consistency so that we can finally get on a run. I think we won three in a row one time this year, that’s it. We just have never been able to put it together, but I think we still can. I think there’s still time.

The Warriors are now only two games out of the playoff picture. Beating one of the toughest teams in the Eastern Conference was a major accomplishment for the team and will hopefully boost their confidence to give them the push they need to continue to fight for a playoff spot.

The Warriors are currently sitting at 24-27 which puts them in 10th place in the Western Conference. They still have the chance of making the playoffs if they can win in the play-in tournament. However, this isn’t good enough for the Warriors and they would much rather be in a more secure spot in the conference.

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