2 Former Warriors Could Fight After Recent Call Out

Nick Young, formerly of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Nick Young, formerly of the Golden State Warriors.

Lots of great players have passed through the Golden State Warriors roster over the years. Because of the team’s continued dominance, lots of those players have become champions, and some without even making big-time contributions during their star.

While Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green have been the constants in Golden State, lots of other players have contributed. From the Kevin Durants of the world to the Ian Clarks, Golden State has been home to lots of players during their title years.

Recently, one former Warrior called out another. During a recent edition of Chris Mannix’s podcast, Boxing with Chris Mannix, former Warriors wing Nick Young was asked which NBA player he would box if he had the chance to. And for those who have followed his career, Young’s answer was unsurprising.

After a laugh, Young named D’Angelo Russell, another former Warrior, as the guy. Obviously, the two have had a drama-filled past, as they got into a disagreement when they were both on the Los Angeles Lakers.

In addition to Russell, Young also mentioned a vague list of people he would box, but didn’t actually drop any names.

“Some guys on the Warriors, some guys on the Lakers, a couple coaches,” Young told Mannix.

But Young’s history with Russell makes the most sense when thinking about a boxing match.

Young’s History With Russell

Back in 2016, when both Young and Russell were on the Lakers, a video surfaced of a conversation between the two of them. Russell was taping Young, seemingly without him knowing, and asking him about being with other women. At the time, Young was engaged to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

For ESPN, Baxter Holmes and Marc Stein wrote a piece detailing the drama.

“Russell and Young are friends, but the video, which was surreptitiously shot a couple of months ago, according to a person with knowledge of it, could drive a wedge between them,” Holmes and Stein wrote.

They also noted that, at the time, the Lakers were handling the incident by isolating Russell, who was a rookie that season. Head coach Byron Scott also commented on the matter, saying that he didn’t plan to speak to Russell, but that he was disappointed the story got out.

“I haven’t talked to him, won’t talk to him. That’s an internal matter that our guys will deal with,” Scott said. “The only thing that I’m disappointed about is that it got out. We’re a family, and we try to keep everything in house.”

Their documentation of the story also detailed the severity of the incident.

Outline of the Young/Russell Video

Holmes and Stein wrote a detailed description of what occurred in the video, emphasizing the fact that Young did not know he was being recorded.

“Later in the conversation, while apparently still recording, Russell is heard telling Young, ‘I’m glad you told my video all that.’

“’Huh?’ Young says, turning his face toward Russell before the video cuts off,” they wrote.

Russell seriously damaged his relationship with the team and its players at that point, and obviously, he was eventually traded to the Brooklyn Nets. It’s not surprising to see Young say he wants to box Russell, and for NBA fans everywhere, it would surely make for an entertaining event.

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