Proposed Sixers Trade Sends 2 Warriors Stars, Multiple 1st-Round Picks for Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid

Getty Joel Embiid

The Philadelphia 76ers don’t have to worry about trading for Joel Embiid for now, but that could change. If Embiid wants out, Bleacher Report’s Joey Akeley proposed a trade between the Sixers and the Golden State Warriors that would grant his request while giving the Sixers some win-now assets.

Akeley proposed the following trade:

Warriors receive: Embiid, P.J. Tucker

Sixers receive: Andrew Wiggins, Chris Paul, Jonathan Kuminga, 2027 Warriors first-round pick swap, 2028 Warriors first-round pick, 2029 Warriors first-round pick swap

Akeley first explained why the Sixers would take Wiggins over some of their other star players.

“As the Sixers look to retool, they’ll surely demand that 28-year-old Andrew Wiggins—who’s under contract for at least three more years—is the centerpiece of the return package over 33-year-olds Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, who could be on their last legs in Philadelphia’s next contention window,” Akeley wrote.

He added why Kuminga and Paul would be included as well.

“Jonathan Kuminga is no sure thing to deliver on the promise of being the seventh overall pick in 2021. But as the Warriors’ best prospect, he’d have to be included as well,” Akeley wrote. “The Warriors are including Chris Paul here for salary-matching purposes. He’s owed no guaranteed money next season, and the Sixers could get creative with his $30.8 million salary coming off the books.”

How Joel Embiid Factors Into Sixers’ Plans: Insider

Though the Sixers are still dealing with the turbulent James Harden situation, NBA Insider Marc Stein reported on August 21 on his Substack how they have factored Embiid into their upcoming decision with Harden.

“The Sixers’ primary team-building objectives, as I understand them, are A) trying to find another star to fortify their Joel Embiid/Tyrese Maxey core and B) preserving next summer’s pathway to significant salary cap space with whatever they do,” Stein wrote.

Stein added what the Sixers want more than anything when this situation finally gets resolved.

“If you want to add a broader C) to that list, Philadelphia is most of all determined to avoid doing anything that might lead to Embiid registering a trade demand of his own.”

Stein made it clear that Embiid has not requested a trade, but it could spell trouble if he does.

“Embiid, though, has not (repeat: not) asked to be traded. If/when that happens is when the Harden situation truly becomes a crisis for Morey and the Sixers.”

Heat & Knicks Monitoring Joel Embiid Situation: Report

Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill reported on August 18 that the Miami Heat and New York Knicks are keeping their eyes on the Embiid situation.

“Everyone’s circling, waiting. The Knicks and Miami are keeping an eye on everything going on,” a league source told Goodwill.

Stein reported the same thing on his Substack, writing that “they would wish to be at the front of the line if Embiid did ask out” while adding their own connections to Embiid.

“Both Knicks president Leon Rose and his top aide William Wesley were at Embiid’s recent wedding and, while true that Rose and Wesley used to represent Embiid as player agents, it has been suggested that their attendance was “not nothing.”

“Heat star Jimmy Butler, meanwhile, remains close to Embiid in the wake of their mere six-ish months as teammates together in Philadelphia.”

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