Warriors’ Steph Curry Expresses Frustration With Team’s Losing


The Golden State Warriors suffered yet another loss on Sunday and this time it was to the Atlanta Hawks. The team has now lost their third game in a row and as if battling for a spot in the postseason wasn’t tough enough in a stacked Western Conference, their dreams are becoming a little more distant. All-Star Steph Curry just recently made his return to the court after missing several games due to an injury. Even after putting up an incredible performance, the All-Star did not hide his frustrations after their loss on Sunday night.

Curry Expresses Frustrations

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It was a rough flight back to the Bay Area after the Warriors put up an underwhelming performance against the Atlanta Hawks. The team has been struggling over the past few weeks in a time where they need to win the most. Not only has it been challenging for the team but also Curry who just recently returned from a tailbone injury. In his postgame press conference, Curry expressed his current frustrations with the team.

“We were really looking forward to bouncing back tonight and it didn’t happen. [It’s] frustrating for a lot of reasons. It sucks right now. Losing sucks. It’s a terrible feeling… We all had higher expectations for where we were supposed to be this season.”

The team has now lost seven of their last eight games, which is entirely disappointing. Curry, of course, has been carrying the team offensively producing nearly 30 points when he’s available. Regardless of Curry’s performance, this still proves not to be enough for the Warriors as they continue to fall further from the playoff picture.

Curry knows that this is a very important time for the team if they hope to make the postseason. The team needs to win as soon as possible, and Curry expresses that he hopes that the team’s disappointing performance acts as motivation for the rest of the season.

Curry Issues a Message to Team


Curry’s energy was a little different this time around after the team’s 117-111 defeat to Atlanta. The All-Star’s energy is normally upbeat and positive even during tough times for the team, however, Sunday night it wasn’t. After the team’s loss, Curry had a message for the team.

“I hope it stings. I hope it’s uncomfortable. I hope it motivates you to keep grinding [and] challenging yourself to get better. I hope nobody is content with being in this middle-of-the-road situation. We’re gonna find out how we respond down the stretch of the season. We’ll see what we’re made of.”

Losing is becoming nothing new for Curry and the Warriors. The two-time MVP returned against the Hawks after a single game absence showing out with a 37-point performance shooting 12 of 23 from the field in his 37 minutes of play. But having their star player back didn’t help the team enough to secure the win.

This loss doesn’t help the Warriors’ playoff chances at all as the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs have passed the team for the eighth seed in the Western Conference.

Normally Curry doesn’t place the blame on anyone when things don’t go as planned, so it’s different to see him hold his team accountable. Some suggest that the team should tank the rest of their season in order to get a decent draft pick, however, being so close to making it in the playoffs it wouldn’t be surprising to see the team continue to fight for a spot in the postseason. It doesn’t look like Curry is ready to give up just yet.

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