Warriors’ Steph Curry Goes Five Minutes Without Missing a Bucket [WATCH]


There’s great shooting, elite shooting and then there’s Stephen Curry. The Golden State Warriors’ star has been nothing but impressive in regards to shooting during his whole career in the NBA. This is great news for Golden State being that their season so far has been far from impressive.

Despite the Warriors’ slow start to the season, the team’s Twitter account reminded us of Curry’s shooting abilities, posting an impressive video of Curry converting every single 3-pointer shot attempt for five minutes, a must-see.


Steph Curry Impresses

There’s trouble in Golden State amidst the kickoff of their NBA regular season. The team is 0-2 after their first two games, with both of them being blowouts against the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks. Yes, those are pretty tough teams to start your season against, but for a franchise that had high expectations before the season’s start, this isn’t how the team wanted to start.

What is looking good in Golden State, however, is Steph Curry’s shot. There’s no doubt that Curry is still one of the greatest shooters in the league. Just recently in practice, although the Warriors are struggling with shooters on the team, Curry reminded us why he may be the best shooter in NBA history.

Golden State’s Twitter account shared a video of Curry draining consecutive shots for five minutes straight.

Curry took all of these shots from what appears to be the right corner of the court. All of them being 3-pointers. In sum, Curry made 105 3-point attempts, solidifying his sharpshooting ability.


Curry’s Impact on the Warriors

Returning from a hand injury that had him out for the majority of last season, Curry is still putting up impressive numbers compared to the rest of his team. Despite the Warriors being blown out, in just the first two games the star has managed to average 19.5 points and four rebounds.

Curry could very well be averaging more if his supporting cast wasn’t struggling to help Curry stay open. As a result of his team not helping him out much, Curry has asserted how frustrated he is with his new teammates with their lack of assistance and production.

With the other half of the Splash Brothers duo, Klay Thompson, being out for the entire season, opponents know that they can slow Curry down by heavy defense leaving his not-so-sharp-shooting teammates left to score.

Although the Warriors are not looking like the championship team that they once were, Curry reminded the league in his practice video why not to leave him open.

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