Indoors and Out, Curry’s Trick Shot Ability is Insane: Watch

Steph Curry

Getty Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

The legend of Steph Curry continues to grow, replete with championship rings, multiple MVPs and, most recently, an ESPY Award for NBA’s Best Player that was announced on the evening of Saturday, July 10.

However, the best player in the history of Golden State Warriors franchise does nearly as much anecdotally to cement his legacy before the opening tip and after the buzzer sounds as he does by amassing three-point records and All-NBA selections.

One such instance of Curry combining charisma with his crazy shot making ability occurred over the weekend at the American Century Championship, a charity golf tournament held at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe.

The Warriors point guard, playing in a group with his brother Seth Curry and father Dell Curry, stopped to pal around with the gallery between the 17th and 18th holes, grabbing a basketball and taking a long distance shot on an outdoor hoop while surrounded by excited fans.

How far away from the hoop Curry is standing is hard to say, but the distance looks to be 3-point range and then some. The basket also appears to be less than regulation size. But dimensions and distance be damned, sharpshooters like Steph always find a way to hit their mark.

After draining the shot, Curry sprinted to the next tee box, his arms spread out to each side mimicking wings, to a chorus of cheers.

Curry’s Warmup Trick Shot Game has Become Legendary


GettyGolden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry before a game in May.

Just two days prior to sinking shots and putts on the golf course in Nevada, the official Warriors Twitter account released insider footage of Curry draining another impossible shot, this time inside the Chase Center and from, of all places, the stands.

The angle on the shot appears almost impossible, as Curry is standing in an aisle between an ocean of empty seats and is clearly positioned off to the side of and behind the basket.

He receives a pass from an unknown coach or member of the team, then quickly heaves it toward the goal. Nothing but net. Curry then immediately turns and disappears quickly down a staircase and out of view.

“Nobody does pregame warmups quite like Stephen Curry,” the official Warriors account tweeted as a caption with the video.


Curry’s Approach to the Game Will Create Legacy of Likability

GettyStephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors reacts after the Warriors made a basket against the Denver Nuggets at Chase Center on April 12, 2021 in San Francisco, California.

Curry’s accolades on the court speak for themselves. He led the league in scoring this season, becoming the oldest player to do so (33 years old) since Michael Jordan almost 25 years ago.

He is already one of the most prolific and accomplished shooters of all time and owner of four of the five highest single-season marks for three-pointers made, one of which came this season despite the coronavirus shortening the year by 10 games.

Curry has changed the way the game of basketball is played by being better than anyone else at a shot that is worth more than any other, thereby distorting the math, all the while stretching defenses and driving them crazy simultaneously.

But it is Curry’s personality, his jubilance, his often smiling face, and the general love and excitement with which he plays that have further endeared him to fans globally. These are the traits that will help elevate his legacy above what it could have been through sheer excellence on the court. Curry’s trick shots and his embrace of the fans will only continue to build on his legend.

Not to mention, the Warriors appear primed to return to their winning ways next season with the return of Klay Thompson and a stockpile of draft assets they can use to improve the team in several different ways.

And though it probably goes without saying, another couple runs to the NBA Finals probably wouldn’t hurt Curry’s legacy either.

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