Steph Curry Sounds Off After Warriors Rocky Start: ‘We Need to Win — Immediately’


All-Star Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors endured yet another loss on Christmas Day to reigning NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Warriors open their season with back-to-back losses, and to make it a little worse, they were both blowouts of at least 20 points. These recent losses have resulted in Curry being assertive in a recent message to the team.


Curry Expresses His Frustration

The Warriors responded to their 125-99 loss to the Brooklyn Nets in their season opener on Tuesday with another blowout loss to the Bucks on Christmas Day. This 138-99 blow might indicate that the Warriors are not quite ready to compete in their loaded Western Conference.

In the Warriors’ defense, their first two games of the season were against two of the Eastern Conference’s most dominant teams, and by the looks of it, the Warriors seem to be on the verge of a top draft pick next year.

As a very understandable reaction, two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry is heated.

“We need to win. Immediately,” Curry told reporters after their loss on Christmas Day per Connor Letourneau on Twitter.

As Curry vented, the Warriors need to get a win as soon as possible… and that’s mandatory.

It’s hard to identify if there is solely one issue holding the Warriors back from at least competing. A team that was once known for their offensive accuracy is struggling to make buckets. Head Coach Steve Kerr has even expressed his frustration with the team now managing to allow 124 and 138 points.

The Warriors’ offense used to be close to perfection, and as stated earlier in the season, Curry has emphasized that the team needs to remain balanced and focus on their execution. It’s very important that the Warriors acquire a win soon in order to establish some type of momentum in what seems like a season where there’s no hope.


This Isn’t How This Season Was Supposed to Go

This season was supposed to be the comeback of the Golden State Warriors, or at least the return of their relevance. Everyone was eager for the return of the infamous Splash Brothers after both being out for the majority of last year’s NBA season.

Unfortunately, the team’s offense was another victim of 2020 as All-Star Klay Thompson suffered a tear to his Achillies just days before the NBA Draft. This setback resulted in him being out for the entirety of the season and the offense was then left to suffer.

Star center Draymond Green has also missed the kickoff to the season due to a foot injury. He was a key factor in the Warriors dynasty years ago.

To hopefully fill their shoes are Andrew Wiggins, Kelly Oubre Jr. and first-round pick James Wiseman. Wiseman has had somewhat of a notable start to his first season in the NBA, but the rest of the cast has not lived up to their expectations in these first two games of the season. Curry has expressed to the two what their focus needs to be on, but it’s not clear if they are zoned in on that yet. Yes, Oubre and Wiggins have room to improve, but even with that being said it’s hard to envision the team as a Western threat just yet.

As Curry said, the team needs a win as soon as possible. They will have another opportunity to do so on Sunday when they go up against the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls aren’t quite to the caliber of the Nets and the Bucks, so hopefully, the Warriors could score their first win of the season.

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