Stephen Curry Sends Strong Message on Future With Warriors

Stephen Curry and Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Stephen Curry and Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors just won their fourth championship in eight years. Despite Klay Thompson’s two-year injury hiatus and mid-season injuries to Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, the Warriors were able to storm through the rest of the league and win themselves another ring.

It was an emotional win for everybody involved, and Curry could be seen in tears on the court after the victory. To be back on top after everything they had been through was enough to bring out all of their pent-up emotions. 

And while Curry, Thompson, and Green are aging, it may not be their last chance at winning it all in Golden State. In an interview with NBC Sports Bay Area & CA during an Oakland Athletics broadcast, Curry stated that he wants to be a Warrior for the rest of his career.

“Honestly, I don’t wanna leave ever. I want this to be my one and only home. And even thinking about what happens when basketball is done. Eventually, that will happen. We’ll still have roots here, we’ll still have a presence here, and call this place home,” Curry revealed.

Curry has been a Warrior for his entire career, and he made it clear that he loves the area. In the same interview, he emphasized his love for Golden State and stressed the importance of helping the community.

‘I Can Honestly Say How Special This Place Is’

The Warriors star’s 13 years with the Warriors have led to four championships on the court, but also a decade of community outreach off the court. Curry explained how much he loves the area and that he wants to help improve it continuously.

“I’ve been out here, just finished my 13th year. And to be able to say I’ve played for one team for my entire career and also to say that, between our 10 years in Oakland and the last three years in San Francisco, I can honestly say how special this place is,” Curry said. “And also, there’s a huge need here, and we can really kind of tackle some of those challenges and do it in a meaningful way, so.”

Throughout his career, Curry has founded the Eat. Play. Learn. Foundation, spearheaded the Underrated Tour, and helped plenty of local communities along the way. He’s not only been a role model due to his elite on-court play, but also because of how he’s handled himself away from the game of basketball.

However, while Curry would like to remain in Golden State for the rest of his career, contract decisions could end up getting in the way of that.

Contract Extension Decisions Will Be Crucial

At the end of next season, both Green and Thompson will be in need of contract extensions. And while Curry’s play has proved him worthy of a max deal, there could be some questions as to whether or not Green and Thompson deserve that same treatment. Despite that, according to Anthony Slater and Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic, Curry views the trio as “a package deal.”

“Curry sees the Big Three as a package deal. While much of the talk of the season was about the Warriors’ plan to win-and-develop simultaneously, it isn’t lost on the veteran core how that plan disappeared in the postseason. It was all on them again, with the help of some critical vets,” Slater and Thompson wrote.

So, as the Warriors are forced to decide whether or not to pay Green and Thompson the big bucks, Curry may have some thoughts on the matter.

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