Steph Curry Takes Subtle Jab at Warriors Teammate Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

For as much as the Golden State Warriors have struggled this season, they undoubtedly have good team chemistry. They won a championship just last season, and most of the pieces from that roster are still on the team this year.

But while their great chemistry helps them on the court, it also allows them to poke fun at one another from time to time. During a segment for NBC Sports Bay Area, the team was asked which player they wouldn’t want to babysit their kids. For Stephen Curry, the answer was Klay Thompson.

“The worst babysitter on the team would probably be Klay Thompson,” Curry said via NBC Sports Bay Area. “About halfway through he might forget there’s a baby he’s responsible for.”

Head coach Steve Kerr relayed a similar message, noting that Thompson would “forget that he was actually babysitting.” Draymond Green and Jonathan Kuminga also named Thompson as their answers.

As for Thompson’s response, he picked Kuminga.

“It can’t be one of the older guys because they all have children and they’re very good fathers. So, I would assume it would be Jonathan Kuminga. He tends to be forgetful sometimes, and you can’t be forgetting somebody’s lunch or naptime. I would say JK. I don’t know. Sorry, JK.”

Thompson wasn’t the only Warrior to name Kuminga as the answer to the question, though. Both Jordan Poole and Kevon Looney picked Kuminga as well. Poole laughed and said “it just sounds right,” while Looney stated that he “wouldn’t trust Kumiunga to watch his kids.” Obviously, neither meant any harm by the statement.

Klay Thompson Issues Warning to Rest of NBA

While the Warriors may have great chemistry that allows them to get along well off the court, things haven’t gone too well on the court. They’ve hovered around the .500 mark for most of the season and are fighting to maintain their place in the playoff picture.

However, they’ve ripped off a three-game win streak and are looking good heading into the final stretch of the season. After a recent win, Thompson sent a warning to the rest of the NBA.

“I feel it. Yeah, we all feel it,” Thompson said via NBC Sports Bay Area when asked about the momentum Golden State has right now. “With 20 games left, it’s such a golden opportunity for us to increase our seeding. Just getting a great rhythm and these role guys are getting such a great experience right now, it’s going to pay off huge come playoff time. And I promise you this, when we’re healthy, no one wants to see us in the postseason. I promise you that. I mean, we expect to win a championship. While we’re here, everything else is falling short. And that’s a special, privileged position to be in. Not many franchises can wholeheartedly say that.”

Draymond Green Sounds Off on Warriors

In addition, Green also had something to say after the aforementioned win, which was a 23-point comeback victory over the Portland Trail Blazers. He spoke about the team’s growth throughout the year.

“What you figure out is, can the team withstand adversity?” Green said via the NBA Interviews YouTube channel. “Quite frankly, this team has not throughout the season. You look at where we are and you say we’ve done a pretty good job of withstanding it, but there’s times where adversities have hit and we haven’t responded well to it. That’s growth, right? That’s the growth you want to see…That’s where you want to be. It’s Game 62, so it’s about time that you start turning that corner.”

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