Stephen Curry Breaks Silence After Costly Mistake in Warriors’ Game 4 Defeat

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors let a series-evening win against the Los Angeles Lakers slip away in Monday’s Game 4. Golden State’s fate was sealed when Stephen Curry secured the tip from a jump-ball with just seconds to play and threw the ball away out of bounds. The kicker… the Warriors still had a timeout, which they used to challenge the out-of-bounds call, rather than to retain possession.

Curry was asked about the decision not to take the timeout, when speaking with the media after the 104-101 defeat.

“I didn’t realize, or know, how much time had went off [the clock], while I was in the air and coming down and how long I was on the ground,” Curry said via the House of Highlights YouTube channel. “I actually felt like someone was behind me and kind of just let it go. But, it was a bang-bang play. I wish I had a little bit more awareness knowing to call a time out, knowing we had enough time. But yeah, it just didn’t go our way.”

Curry’s costly mistake is what many will remember from Monday’s matchup. However, he did manage to post a triple-double at Arena. The 35-year-old poured in 30 points, dished 14 assists, and secured 10 rebounds in the loss to L.A.

The area where he left more to be desired was in his efficiency. Curry made just 12 of his 30 attempts from the floor, including a rough 3-of-14 display from beyond the arc.

Warriors’ Locker Room was Tense After Jordan Poole’s Goose Egg

Though Curry will still see plenty of criticism after Game 4, perhaps a bigger story was Jordan Poole’s scoreless night off the bench. The 23-year-old only logged 10 minutes of playing time, but was unable to make any sort of splash when given the opportunity.

According to NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke, there was a strange tension in the locker room when Poole was asked to speak to the media.

“I happened to be in the locker room when Jordan Poole spoke… let me paint a picture of what that locker room was like,” Burke reported via NBC Sports Bay Area. “So the Warriors’ PR was coming over and saying, ‘Jordan could you please talk postgame?’ He seemed a little reluctant, you could tell that he was very frustrated, he was facing his locker, actually. So as the reporters gathered around him, when it did become clear that he would talk to us, his back was to us… He turned his music off for us. That locker room, the visitors locker room is really cramped. So when that music went off all of the other players were listening as well…it was like all eyes and ears were on Jordan right there.”

Warriors’ Stephen Curry Defends Jordan Poole After Scoreless Night

Poole has struggled throughout Golden State’s playoff run so far. Despite that, Curry has stood by him and did so again on Monday.

“I mean we get questions about him a lot, and it’s our whole team,” Curry explained. “We’re all together in a sense of trying to figure out how to win playoff games. We all have to make adjustments. We all have to play better, considering we’re in a 3-1 hole. There’s no sense of isolating him in this situation. It’s all about collectively ‘what can we do to be better?’ And the conversations we have in the film sessions, in the locker room are all consistent throughout the season especially in this playoff run, trying to answer that question. So he’s a part of that, we’re all a part of that and if we’re going to get out of this hole we all have to play better.”

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