Warriors Bench Yelled Steph Curry’s Point Total During 62-Point Game


“Curry for three”, “Curry from way downtown”, or as Aubre ‘Drake’ Graham would say “Chef Curry with the pot, boy” is something the Golden State Warriors and all their fans have been hoping to hear, and see, a lot of this NBA season. In previous games this year, the Warriors two-time, and once unanimous, MVP Steph Curry had been struggling to find the consistent scoring totals he usually has in the past, yet this game was different.

Coming off a chin check of a loss to the Portland Trail Blazers just days before, Curry responded by scoring a new career-high in points with 62 against the Trail Blazers and did so in an incredible fashion. To begin the game, Curry was aggressive in looking for his shot and scored 21 points in the first quarter alone.

At a certain point, it may have seemed as if Curry knew that the night was going to be special, and maybe he did at first. However, if he didn’t, his teammates made sure to keep him updated on what exactly was happening as they yelled throughout the game towards the floor about their leader’s fantastic night.

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Warriors Bench Yelled At Curry All Game

GettyStephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors is guarded by Damian Lillard #0 of the Portland Trail Blazers.

During a game of this magnitude, it can be rather easy to get lost in the minutia and the back and forth of the play. Yet again, Curry’s teammates weren’t having it.

Knowing that Curry had been heating up from long distance, he told NBCSports after the game that his teammates yelled at every chance they could what his stats were to keep him going.

“It doesn’t help when your teammates are yelling at you every dead ball how many points you got. But other than that, [I just tried to] not do anything differently. Keep being aggressive, keep being decisive and good things happen.”

“[I’m taking] different shots than years past, and a lot of that is just not rushing. Even though there might be double teams and a crowd, I always have options; move it, get a shot or get to the basket. I’ve just got to make sure I see everything right, and tonight, I slowed down a little bit, and it obviously worked it.”

Draymond Green’s Comments on Curry’s Doubters


The chatter surrounding Curry and this Warriors team has grown over the last few weeks. After losing Thompson in the offseason, being blown out in a few of their games, and with other starters underperforming thus far, a lot of attention has been focused on Curry and what he needs to prove that he’s still a star.

His teammates hear the talk but have confidence that he will continue to show the masses that he is more than a star, but a bonafide superstar. His running mate, and former Defensive Player of the Year, Draymond Green sounded off, per Mark Medina of USA Today, on how wrong those critics are right now have been over his career.

“Everybody is always going to try to find a reason to nitpick something Steph does whether it’s ‘that you haven’t won a Finals MVP’ or ‘you haven’t carried a team.’ If I’m not mistaken, he carried the 2015 team pretty damn far. To be honest, he’s carried every team.”

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