Warriors GM Opens Up About LeBron James Recruiting Steph Curry Rumors


Everyone’s interest was piqued when it was reported that none other than superstar LeBron James was actively recruiting Golden State Warriors All-Star Steph Curry to join him on the Los Angeles Lakers. This was reported to have happened during the All-Star break back in March. Previously known, the star guard will be eligible for a major contract extension this upcoming offseason. If he declines, he will be a free agent in 2022.

Although Curry has expressed that he wanted to retire in the Bay Area, with the current state of his team right now, there is speculation that Curry might take his talents elsewhere, and LeBron wants to be a part of that move. Since this rumor has caught the attention of many, Warriors’ GM Bob Myers shares his assessment of the situation.

Myers Laughs at Curry Recruiting Rumors


During an interview on “The TK Show” podcast by The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami, Myers gives an honest assessment of what he thinks about the rumors, saying that rumors like this are something that doesn’t surprise him anymore.

“I mean, we’re never going to stop hearing this. It doesn’t matter if the guy signs an extension or not anymore,” Myers explained. “Whether it’s one of our guys or any guy, the drumbeat never stops. It’s what people want, the rumors of the NBA, especially because you have such high-profile players, it’s a little bit like they are celebrities and people can’t get enough of rumors and gossip.”

Myers also believes that rumors like this aren’t really ‘Steph-specific’ and that all players of high caliber receive a rumor similar to this at some point in their career.

“I think rumors like that or any rumors about a great player will always be there as long as the player is great. All we can do is make our place of work somewhere people can show up and feel like they can compete.”

The Warriors had a chance to extend Curry’s contract as early as this season, however, due to the fast turnaround for the start of the season, the team delayed it to this offseason when they will be able to offer Curry a much larger extension.

Myers Opens Up aBout Curry’s Future


Myers also shares his honest opinion of Steph’s role in the organization, saying that although he is well aware of the rumors that he doesn’t believe that Steph will be leaving Golden State anytime soon.

“I think Steph has felt like we have given him a really good chance in his career and time with us to succeed individually and team-wise and that’s what we are going to keep trying to do. So I don’t really — you talk about my own sanity, I don’t really give those things much credence, or else I would have to get out of the business… I would say I think Steph is happy and I think he’s in a good place and I think things are going to be fine with him.”

For many, Steph Curry is Golden State and it would be unimaginable to even see Curry in any uniform other than the Warriors’. However, this doesn’t stop the rumors from rolling in. Curry has played all 12 years of his career with the same team, and he is still one of the very few players in the league that still exemplify loyalty to one organization. Despite this, how many players at least wouldn’t consider possibly playing with LeBron James?

Myers’ straightforward assessment of Curry’s future with the team might be open for interpretation and could be skewed to mean something else, but with the many rumors going around this wouldn’t be incredibly surprising. Curry’s contract expires at the end of next season and if he doesn’t extend he will be a free agent in 2022.

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