Warriors’ GM Gives Honest Opinion of Team’s Playoff Hopes


With high expectations going into the season, the Golden State Warriors are currently battling for a spot in the playoffs. Without their star player Steph Curry, the team has been struggling to stay consistent with wins although their playoff hopes are on the line. In a recent interview, Golden State’s GM Bob Myers confessed that the team being able to make it into the play-in tournament would be considered a huge achievement for his Warriors. This is all despite what All-Star Steph Curry had to say about their playoff hopes.

Myers Comes to Reality


Earlier this month, Curry stated that the team does not desire to be in the play-in tournament at all, which means falling between the 7th and 10th seed in the Western Conference. These teams will play in several games against each other in order to determine what two teams will officially be in the playoffs. With a 22-23 record, just below .500, the Warriors are sitting at the 10th seed in their conference.

“We just want to not be in the play-in situation, that’d be helpful,” Curry said at the beginning of March. “Probably best-case scenario, with where we are right now, if we could sneak into the fourth seed, that’d be amazing.”

Contradictory in his most recent interview, Myers proclaimed that his wish is to simply make the playoffs. Although it would be ideal for the team to fall in the top six seeds in order to not have to battle for a spot, it’s becoming a little more difficult as the Warriors continue to lose games. “Hopefully, have a chance to compete for the playoffs. … I’d like to believe we can be in that,” said Myers discussing the play-in tournament, per Connor Letourneau’s Twitter.

Warriors Fall From High Expectations


The Warriors did indeed come into the season as favorites before All-Star Klay Thompson acquired his Achillies injury. Even after that, the team started to play well with Curry’s MVP-like play leading them to multiple victories. However, with Curry’s recent injury, the team is struggling to win without him because of their struggles offensively. Even on the defensive end, the team is allowing their opponents to put up some points just recently losing to the Sacramento Kings 141-119.

After reaching what seems like their peak in February where they were in as high as fifth place in the Western Conference, the team has lost eight of their last 11 games and are just two more losses from losing their spot to the Kings.

Although Curry has continued to play at an MVP level, the rest of the team has struggled to live up to their preseason expectations. The team went from being highly favored to now yearning to obtain a playoff spot. The team has a long road ahead of them if they still have the hopes of making the postseason.

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