Warriors’ Teammates React To Steph Curry’s Outburst


Missing his fifth game in a row, Golden State Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry has been disappointed in his team’s consistency without him in the lineup. After his outburst towards the team after their loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Friday, the team is working towards getting back on track in order to remain playoff contenders. In their postgame interviews, teammates Kevon Looney and Andrew Wiggins react to seeing their quiet teammate heat up.

Teammates React To Curry’s Comments


Game five without Curry resulted in another loss for the Warriors. Although the team has been picking up on the defensive side, without their star player the team has been struggling to stay competitive defensively, losing 141-119 just last week to the Sacramento Kings.

After their loss to the Hawks on Friday Curry shared a message to his teammates basically telling them to look in the mirror and envision how they can become better.

“Steph gave us some good words in the locker room about how everyone has to look themselves in the mirror and see what they can do better,” Looney said to reporters in his postgame interview.

This wasn’t Curry’s first outburst this season as it’s been obvious that the two-time MVP has been frustrated with the team this season. Curry has been more vocal this season than we’ve witnessed him be his entire career. This is most likely due to the leadership role he has been forced to take this year due to how different the team is looking this year.

The team’s second option, Wiggins, even went into detail about Curry’s talks that he has with the team in order to keep them motivated.

“When Steph talks, you listen. We’ve got to find it within ourselves to find ourselves and win some games,” Wiggins said in his postgame interview after the team’s loss. “Obviously, Steph being out is huge. You can’t replace Steph no matter what you do. You can’t replace him, but we’ve still got enough talent on the team to win and at least compete.”

How the Team Hopes to Bounce Back


Although Wiggins, Kelly Oubre Jr., and James Wiseman aren’t the exact replacement needed amidst Klay Thompson’s absence, the team has shown some streaks where they have performed like a playoff team. With Curry set to hopefully return soon, the team could return back to their rhythm.

The team faces off against the Chicago Bulls on Monday night hoping for another win. The Bulls just recently acquired Nikola Vucevic, a big man that the Warriors could have used to bring more depth to the team. This should be a difficult game for the Warriors being that the Bulls are a heavy offensive team.

Curry is still recovering and the Warriors are not taking any risks by rushing the process. However, he is expected to return soon which is glorious news for Golden State. Until his return, the team has to figure out how they’re going to be successful minus their star guard.

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