2 Reasons Why the Warriors Shouldn’t Tank


The Golden State Warriors were brutally embarrassed by the Toronto Raptors on Friday night when they were defeated by 53 points. Star players Steph Curry and Draymond Green, however, this is no excuse for getting blown out in such an embarrassing fashion. After this tragic loss marking the team’s sixth loss of their last seven games, speculations of whether the team should tank the rest of the season or not have arisen. Although it seems as if the team’s championship hopes are a long shot, the team still has reasons that they should continue fighting for a spot in the playoffs.

The Playoffs are Still Attainable


The Warriors’ fate this season was almost determined before the season started when All-Star Klay Thompson suffered an Achillies injury which ruled him out for the entire season. Although tanking would seem like a hasty decision, there are still two reasons that the Warriors should put the rest of the season in full throttle.

After missing the playoffs completely last season, it would be a win in itself to make it this year. Heading into next season hopefully with Thompson back, being in the playoffs would ultimately boost the team’s morale, regardless of how they finish.

Obviously, the Warriors have experienced the highs of the playoffs during their most recent dynasty, so simply making the playoffs is nowhere near that feeling. However, accomplishing this small goal would be a great feat to usher in the next season.

Although losing isn’t a great feeling, intentionally losing is different. This will not reflect well of the players, coaching staff, and even the entire organization. It would also completely diminish Curry’s MVP candidacy.

Curry is a Major Factor


Rewarding Curry is also a reason why the team should not tank the rest of their season. It’s obvious that he has taken it upon himself to lead the team to the playoffs after not making it last season. Sure, Curry is probably aware that there isn’t a huge chance that they will win the playoffs, I’m sure that Curry has made it a personal goal to make an appearance.

Curry’s MVP-like performance that he has put on this season is one of the main reasons the team even has a chance of making the playoffs. The team only won one of their games without Curry this season and it’s obvious that his presence on the floor is a game-changer.

Tanking the rest of the season would only be beneficial for the Warriors if they were way out of the playoff hunt, however, the team still has a chance to make it into the play-in, which would give them the opportunity to make the playoffs.

The team is only a few games from falling to the 13th seed, which would overall give them a better pick in the upcoming draft along with the Minnesota Timberwolves. If they were to acquire the Timberwolves’ pick this could give them two high lottery picks in a decent 2021 NBA Draft.

The Warriors have made it known all season that they do not plan to intentionally tank the rest of their season and they still aspire to get a playoff spot, despite their chances of winning it all. With where they currently stand the question is, is it really worth it? Making the playoffs would be nothing but a reward for the team this season after the efforts that they have put forth despite some of their inconsistencies.

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