Damion Lee Reveals Warrior’s Trash-Talkers That Aren’t Draymond Green


As we all know, Golden State WarriorsDraymond Green is one of the biggest trash talkers in the league, but it’s somewhat acceptable when he backs it up with his play on the court. There’s a sense of passion in his trash talk that stems from players who care a lot about the game. If you’re as dominant of a player as he is, a little trash talking here and it is justifiable.

Green Isn’t the Only Trash-Talker

Outside of Green, the Warriors roster doesn’t have any players notable for trash talking. They all appear to be easy going and won’t say anything too fiery. However, according to Guard Damion Lee, Green isn’t the only trash-talker on the Warriors roster this season.

“Marquese [Chriss] can definitely get the trash talk going,” said Lee on an episode of the Dubs Talk podcast on Friday. “Normally you guys see him, he’s happy, smiling out there, but yeah, Quese is probably up there.”


Lee wasn’t reluctant to mention another player in the Warriors’ lineup who isn’t afraid to do some trash talking.

“Or EP honestly. EP is very underrated in trash talk, Lee stated. “If he hits a big shot or scores on someone, he might flex, [say] ‘little boy’ or ‘you’re food.’ I think EP and Chriss are probably up there outside of Draymond.”

Dubs Players Aren’t As Quiet as You Would Think

In this same interview on the Dubs Talk podcast, Lee was asked if there was another player who he thinks is a little quiet when it comes to trash-talking. A single player couldn’t come to mind for Lee because according to him, each player has their own unique style of trash talk. Even players like Andrew Wiggins who’s “silent and quiet,” said Lee “but he’ll get going, and score, and say something slick. It’s literally like a one-on-one thing, he’ll say something quick then go about his day.”


According to Lee, everyone has their own thing that they do while referencing point guard Stephen Curry’s “shimmy.” “Kelly [Oubre] will more like, blow a kiss at someone,” Lee said.

Although some of the other players on Golden State may not do the trash-talking thing quite up to Draymond’s level, you’ll still get a jeer from them if they make a good play or have something said. Draymond is an expert at the art of trash-talking which is what he’s known for in the NBA.

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