Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid React to Tyreek Hill’s Unreal TD Catch

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Getty Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs

It was the catch seen around the country and, had it counted, would have easily been the best touchdown of the season. During Sunday night’s game against the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill made an unreal grab in the end zone that set the internet ablaze:

Problem is, Cheetah thought it was incomplete, so head coach Andy Reid didn’t bother to challenge the play. After a closer look, the ball did not touch the ground as originally thought. The Chiefs secured a nervy 22-16 win, but that “incomplete” pass will certainly go down as one of the most insane bobbles of the 2020 season.

Mahomes, Reid Weighed in Post-Match

During the media availability post-game, Mahomes blamed Hill’s insane skills for thinking he missed that catch.


Reid delivered a more lengthy response, expressing regret for failing to act quickly and toss the red flag.

“I’ll take the blame for that one,” Reid admitted, via The Kansas City Star. “I’ve never had a receiver that didn’t know he caught the ball. He came off and said he didn’t catch it. I probably should’ve hung on to that a little bit longer to look at the replay. I’ve been doing this a couple years — I’ve never had that situation. It was a new experience.”

The veteran manager went on to say he even checked with his assistants in the booth, but time constraints made it difficult to make a snap decision. Nine seconds remained on the clock, and that wasn’t nearly enough time to review the play. If he had a little more to work with, perhaps he would have gone a different course.

“They were on it right when they saw it. That was right when we were punting the ball. It was a bang-bang thing. We didn’t have time to really look at it before we kicked the ball. We kicked it without about 10 seconds left, and normally that’s kind of where you let it go down — right in that area — and go with it.

“I checked with Tyreek. He came off. You can normally tell with a receiver whether he had it or not. Especially Tyreek. He was as surprised as any of us that he ended up with the football.”

Hill Had Another Touchdown Taken Away Sunday Night

That wasn’t the only TD of the night Hill couldn’t add to his season tally of 13.

Early in the fourth quarter and with a 19-16 lead, Mahomes launched a 48-yard dime that Hill easily caught. Denver cornerback Duke Dawson Jr. fell down in coverage so Hill had all the time in the world to find the end zone. He did just that, pausing short of the line to do his signature backflip.

It would have added to an already miserable night for the visitors, but a holding penalty on guard Nick Allegretti spoiled the celebrations, taking the touchdown off the board and resulting in the team punting instead.

Touchdown or not, it looks like Hill couldn’t care less about disrespecting his opponents.

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