NFL Analyst Annihilates Chiefs Playoff Odds: ‘We’re Closing the Doors’

Patrick Mahomes, Tennessee Titans

Getty Tennessee Titans pass-rusher Bud Dupree strips Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes on October 24, 2021.

The Kansas City Chiefs got flat-out smoked in Week 7 and postseason concerns are starting to become a real factor after the franchise dropped its fourth straight game against a team with a winning record.

In fact, the only victory against an above .500 team in 2021 was Week 1 against the Cleveland Browns (who are now 4-3). It’s been a dramatic fall from grace considering Kansas City has been a part of the past two Super Bowls with a former MVP quarterback in Patrick Mahomes and a future Hall of Fame head coach in Andy Reid.

After the Chiefs dropped to 3-4 following a 27-3 defeat in Tennessee, the narrative began to shift around many NFL circles.

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GMFB Crew Debates Chiefs Postseason Chances

This morning (Oct. 25) on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, television personality turned football analyst Kyle Brandt decided to lay into Kansas City. Listen below.

Here were Brandt’s comments in full:

My level of concern is I anticipate [that] they’ll lost to the Giants next week, like to the New York Giants. There’s not a lot to like about this team including this, there was this comforting time that we went through as a show and you go through as an NFL fanbase where — ‘well the Chiefs defense is a big problem and they’re terrible and they’re soft but at least they have that overhand right with Mahomes’ — no they don’t. They lead the league in turnovers, the whole league! 32 teams, nobody turns it over more than Mahomes and [Travis] Kelce and [Tyreek] Hill and all that, and this idea that Mahomes says it’s early [in the season], I don’t think it is early… We can’t wait any longer, you’re 3-4, the only teams you’ve beaten since Week 1 are the Eagles and Washington. Every team that is good, you lose to, and then this idea that they’ll turn it on! Look at the schedule, you think that the Kansas City Chiefs that you saw yesterday are gonna beat these teams? Maybe they beat the Giants, [but] they’re going to beat [Aaron] Rodgers? And they’re going to beat [Derek] Carr? And they’re going to beat Dak [Prescott]? They still have to play the [Cincinnati] Bengals too. To me, that’s four losses, that’s already eight for the season. I can’t get behind this team, I can’t wait any longer, like I’m out of time. The flight is leaving, I’m at the gate, I know like ‘sir, we have to board.’ No, we’re closing the doors, the jetway is pulling away, that was terrible yesterday, it was worse than terrible, I think it was apathetic… The offense got their clock cleaned yesterday, I can’t wait any longer.

Quite the mouthful from the GMFB co-host. Not only did Brandt say that he “anticipates” a loss in Week 8, but he also went one step further predicting losses to the Green Bay Packers, Las Vegas Raiders, Dallas Cowboys and Bengals.

If all that occurs, the Chiefs’ best possible record would have a ceiling of 8-9 in 2021. That’s assuming a sweep over the division rival Denver Broncos, a home victory over the aforementioned Raiders, a revenge upset over the Los Angeles Chargers and a home win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is definitely a first-place schedule that KC is up against and first-place schedules aren’t easy.

Brandt also mentioned the league-leading turnover rate and the “apathetic” lack of enthusiasm. Call it a Super Bowl hangover, a down season, or a standard slump but the Chiefs are running out of time to turn things around.

“The defense is bad again and now the offense just falls apart,” reiterated Brandt before admitting that he does not have the solution. He concluded that the Chiefs are a bottom-10 team in the NFL right now.

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GMFB Ally Turns Back on Chiefs

Even Peter Schrager had a hard time backing Kansas City after Sunday’s loss, and the GMFB co-host had been the franchise’s biggest supporter on the show. Just one week before, the NFL analyst proclaimed that the Chiefs were still the team he expected to win the AFC.

Now Schrager started to change his tune a bit, noting that “Mahomes isn’t good right now.” He added: “They don’t look like they’re having fun, they don’t look like they have any of the mojo that they used to… for the first time maybe since he’s gotten to Kansas City and certainly since this run, people are wondering, like, does [Reid] still have it?”

Then he compared the Chiefs to the Seattle Seahawks contender that had made it to the Super Bowl twice (winning once) under Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson, but has fallen short since then.

“I don’t want to be too dramatic, it’s a long season and Mahomes is still very young, but that team yesterday isn’t competing for anything moving forward,” Schrager deduced.

With everyone hopping off the bandwagon, now’s the perfect time for the Chiefs to come together and catch some teams off-guard. The schedule is tough but a championship contender should be able to go toe to toe with any opponent. They just have to prove they’re still a team that others must fear.


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