NFL Analyst Claims Chiefs’ Andy Reid Sends Him Play Designs for Feedback

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Getty Head coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has a team of coaches around him who help devise plays and strategize on who the team should sign next. Though he doesn’t have any current affiliation with the team, one NFL analyst claims he’s also on the shortlist of people Reid typically sends play designs to for feedback.

On his Fox Sports Radio show Monday, Colin Cowherd made the startling revelation to Peter King.

“He may be the easiest person in the NFL to root for,” the veteran journalist said. “Sometimes he’ll text me pictures of a play and say, ‘hey, look at this play I just did – Cowherd.’”

Now, there’s no way to verify if this is true. After all, we’re just hearing one side of the story. But if Cowherd’s prediction on who would win the AFC West this season are like this antidote about Reid providing somewhat classified information, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt.

Cowherd Also Made a Bold Statement About Reid’s Legacy

Regardless of whether he lifts the Lombardi Trophy for a second time in his career next Sunday, Reid will undoubtedly go down as one of the best to coach football at the professional level. Though his Super Bowl accomplishments don’t rival that of New England Patriots great Bill Belichick, Cowherd made the claim on his Fox Sports program “The Herd” that Reid is perhaps the only other person who could dethrone future Hall-of-Famer Belichick.

Hear him out:

“At this point, you can’t deny it… If Andy Reid wins this Super Bowl and then wins 2 or 3 more with Patrick Mahomes, do we view Belichick as the best ever? Andy Reid would have gone to 5 NFC Championships without Mahomes and would have gotten to a Super Bowl without Mahomes. Andy Reid would have won with 5 or 6 different quarterbacks. Belichick has won with ONE. Andy Reid has given Belichick more trouble than any coach, and Andy Reid, NOT Belichick is the best off the bye. Andy Reid is the only guy who can penetrate the impenetrable Belichick shield as the best coach ever. Timberlake flourished and Beyonce flourished, and we don’t talk NYSYC or Destiny’s Child. Are we going to be talking Belichick in ten years if he coaches four more years and THIS is what it is with Mac Jones leading the attack?”

Interesting comparison to make from the 57-year-old, and also props to him for including relevant pop culture references. Whether everyone agrees with him remains up for debate, but at least he made the argument easier to understand.

Brady and Reid Have More in Common Than You Think

While we’re sitting here debating about whose career is more exceptional, ESPN’s Field Yates listed yet another thing both gentlemen have in common: working alongside Brendan Daly. According to the NFL Insider, Kansas City’s run game coordinator/DL coach Daly will be coaching in an impressive fifth consecutive Super Bowl and his sixth in seven seasons. 

The 45-year-old spent four years with the Patriots, from 2014-2018. In 2019, the Chiefs hired Daly. If the reigning champions successfully #RunItBack, Daly will be awarded a fifth ring for his accomplishments.

Super Bowl LV kicks off at 6:30 p.m. live from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

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