Chiefs Kingdom Argues Over Polarizing Backup QB Option to Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Who will backup Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II in 2023?

Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach openly discussed the idea of bringing in veteran competition for current backup quarterback Shane Buechele at the 2023 NFL Combine.

As of March 31, however, it’s just Buechele and prospect Chris Oladokun on the roster behind reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes II. Neither has ever appeared in a game at the professional level.

Different veterans have been rumored in free agency — like Teddy Bridgewater or Marcus Mariota before he signed in Philadelphia — but one polarizing candidate has been at the forefront of Chiefs fan discussions in recent weeks, and that player is none other than former Carolina Panthers superstar Cam Newton — who recently impressed throwing at Auburn’s Pro Day.

That’s right, KC could roster two ex-NFL MVPs at quarterback in 2023. At least, some believe it’s an idea worth looking into.

Analysts Urge Chiefs to Sign Cam Newton as Patrick Mahomes’ QB2

Fox Sports One analyst Nick Wright was one of the first to suggest Newton to the Chiefs during an episode of “First Things First,” noting that the three-time Pro Bowler could be the perfect complement to Mahomes.

“He’s not going to be a starter but that doesn’t mean that he can’t win a championship,” Wright reasoned. “Once upon a time I agreed with Cam. When he was looking for a job, he was one of the 32 best players in the league… I don’t know that he is now. He might be better than some of the rookies, but you’re playing them to see what they can turn into.”

Wright continued: “But that doesn’t mean that his career has to be over. Cam, come to Kansas City. It makes perfect sense. He’s not going to cost a lot of money. Their back-up has retired in Chad Henne, and Newton is a solid back-up. They could also build a package for him in certain situations.”

Similarly, NFL writer Michael DeRosa of FanSided named KC as a “possible destination” for Newton on March 26.

“[Newton] would give them a valuable backup with a plethora of overall experience,” he urged. “Although the Chiefs adding Newton would not be a game-changing signing, it would give them some much-needed insurance at QB if Mahomes suffers any injuries during the year. With that, it would not hurt to have another veteran in their locker room to help mentor their younger players.”

DeRosa concluded that Kansas City could be a match for Newton as well, being that he’s never won a Super Bowl ring throughout his 11-year tenure in the NFL.

Chiefs Writer Argues Teddy Bridgewater Over Cam Newton

This Newton theory made it all the way to Arrowhead Pride after a fan voiced it as his controversial take on the March 31 edition of “Let’s Argue” — a weekly staple from Chiefs analyst Mark Gunnels.

The fan tweeted: “I’d take Cam Newton to back up PM15. Use him for short yardage, goal line and make a heavy/wildcat playbook for him.”

Needless to say, Gunnels selected this hot take out of his Twitter replies and discussed it during the article.

“With Chad Henne retiring, many are wondering about the Chiefs’ plans at backup quarterback. Are they ready to hand those duties to Shane Buechele?” Gunnels began. “Buechele has never thrown a pass in a regular-season game and he’s 25 years old.”

He went on: “Obviously, you hope to never see the backup in the game unless the Chiefs are blowing out their opponent. Having said that, we’ve seen Mahomes have to leave two Divisional Round games in his career. Henne was able to hold it down both times. Considering the lack of experience from Buechele, I expect the Chiefs to bring in another veteran to back up the best quarterback in the game.”

Although Gunnels agreed that KC should go the veteran route at QB2, he ended up disagreeing on the player. “Newton does not seem like a perfect fit for the role,” he challenged. “I like Teddy Bridgewater.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Veach and head coach Andy Reid target a big-name backup like Newton or Bridgewater, or whether they stick with the inexpensive but inexperienced Buechele. There could also be some sort of middle ground (i.e. Brian Hoyer) in free agency.

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1 month ago

Teddy Bridgewater over Cam Newton? Why? What has Teddy Bridgewater done that is so much more impressive than Cam Newton? Cam was a Franchise Quarterback, where he remained healthy and durable, over an 11-year-period-of-time. Despite not having Offensive-Weapons: like Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrows, Kirk Cousins, or Jalen Hurts, Cam won important Games. Cam led the Carolina Panthers to 4 Play-offs, 3 Division Titles and a Super Bowl. Cam is still well-respected among Players around the NFL, especially young Players, who grew up watching Cam Play in College, as well as, in the NFL. Cam still has his God-Given Talents and abilities that would allow Coach Reid to “COOK-UP-SOMETHING SPECIAL” for the Offense.

Bridgewater can’t HEALTHY long enough to finish an entire season. He had a decent run with the New Orleans Saints years ago, but that is all. I would not TRUST Bridgewater to be there for the Play-offs, Division Title Championship, and certainly not the Super Bowl.

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