Ex-Chiefs & Eagles Champ Sounds Off on ‘Kelce Bowl’ in Viral Tweet

Stefen Wisniewski

Getty Ex-NFL offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski with the Kansas City Chiefs during their Super Bowl victory.

We have a new potential nickname for the 2023 Super Bowl that could contend with both the “Kelce Bowl” and the “Andy Reid Bowl” — and it’s former Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski who came up with it.

The two-time Super Bowl champion of both the Chiefs and Eagles jokingly called out both Travis and Jason Kelce on February 6, voicing: “Man, forget the Kelce Bowl, this Super Bowl should be called the Wisniewski Bowl lol @JasonKelce @tkelce.”

Wisniewski even included a photo of the hardware — a championship ring and hat — from each of his title runs to add some gusto to the suggestion. The tweet currently has nearly 2,000 likes and over 113K views.

Stefen Wisniewski’s Underrated NFL Career Is Representative of Super Bowl Runs

Obviously, Wisniewski is just kidding around but he has had an underrated NFL career. It’s easy to forget that the retired journeyman was a former second-round draft pick of the Oakland Raiders.

He was a full-time starter with the Raiders at both guard and center for four seasons before heading to Jacksonville for a year and starting another 16 games with the Jaguars. That’s when Wisniewski ended up in Philly, starting 24 out of 46 appearances as a key backup piece that was versatile in a pinch.

He had a similar role with the Chiefs from 2019 through 2020 while mixing in one start and an injury stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers — and yes, he started in three playoff games during both Super Bowl runs, including a hard-fought start in each SB victory. A player like Wisniewski is often overlooked for the Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelces of the league, but you can’t win a Super Bowl without the depth and the grinders.

In that sense, maybe the Wisniewski Bowl is a good name, in a symbolic sort of way.

After a long and grueling NFL season, the roster that battles through adversity and pushes themselves across the finish line is usually the same one that hoists that Lombardi Trophy over their heads. It’ll be the same underlying theme on Sunday — which franchise will outlast the other and bring the level of intensity needed to win in all three phases of the game?

Make no mistake, whoever does that will be crowned NFL champions when all is said and done.

Donna Kelce Agrees to Coin Toss Petition on 1 Condition

Mom and Dad on the Kelce Bowl, raising NFL sons and Kelce Family Secrets | New Heights | Ep 26On the twenty-sixth episode of New Heights, we sit down with the two people the whole country has been waiting to hear from, Donna and Ed Kelce! Donna reveals how she feels about the Kelce bowl, who she’s really rooting for during the game, and if she’s going to actually do the pregame coin toss.…2023-02-06T14:00:09Z

During the Super Bowl week episode of the “New Heights” podcast — which was dubbed “The Mom & Dad Episode” — Donna Kelce joined Travis and Jason to discuss the coin toss petition that has taken the internet by storm.

If you’re unfamiliar, fans started a petition on Change.org to have the famous Kelce mother flip the coin at the start of the Super Bowl. There are already over 160,000 signatures!

During the episode, her two sons questioned Donna on the coin flip petition, and she eventually agreed to do it if called upon on one condition.

“I would, if the two of you say that it would not be a distraction to you,” Donna Kelce told her boys. Both agreed immediately, causing her to explain that Travis and Jason have told her since they were little that she should never come out on the field.

“I don’t care if [we] have a broken foot or what, it’s dad,” she mimicked, “don’t you come running out there.” Travis Kelce admitted that he did recall him and his big brother voicing something along those lines.

The hilarious segment ended on a slight dig from Jason Kelce — although you’ve got to hand it to him because it was quick-witted.

“You’re in,” Travis responded. “I’ll tell Roger [Goodell], I’ll call him up.”

“Do you have his phone number?” Donna asked, to which Travis replied, “nope.”

That’s where Jason slipped in the joke, adding that — “if you watched that [Cincinnati] Bengals game, [Travis] might have his number” — implying that the outcome was rigged. Very funny, Jason.

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