Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr: ‘I’ve Seen Too Much Crap’

derek carr

Getty Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr.

While Derek Carr has a lot of detractors, it’s hard not to feel for him. His best season came in 2016 when he led the Raiders to a 12-3 record before breaking his leg. What followed was a disappointing season and his coach getting fired. He has a good team around him and now, but two of his best offensive linemen are injured and his three top wide receivers have missed time with injuries.

After a second straight loss, this time at the hands of the Buffalo Bills in Week 4, Carr was obviously frustrated, which he stated in his postgame interview.

“Me being here, my seventh year, I’ve seen too much crap,” Carr said after the loss. “I’ve seen a whole bunch of crap … is it going to take my positivity and my joy away? Absolutely not … But is it OK for me to be a little hot, a little pissed sometimes? Yeah. And this is one of those moments.”

Carr put up solid numbers against the Buffalo Bills but lost a costly fumble late in the game. The Raiders stayed in the game but they couldn’t stop making mistakes in crucial moments.

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Carr Struggling to Cope With Losses

Carr is in his seventh season with the Raiders and has only had a winning record one time. The season in which that winning record came led to a playoff berth but he didn’t play in the postseason due to injury. The Raiders are clearly getting better and could turn things back around this season but Carr is still having a hard time accepting losses.

“Yeah, it’s encouraging but at the same time you go home and you’re hot,” Carr said. “I’ve got to take a deep breath before I go in my house so I don’t take it out on my wife and my kids because it means so much to me.”

Carr Breaks All-Times Raiders Passing TD Record

Carr does have reason to celebrate despite the loss. He passed Hall of Famer Ken Stabler for the most touchdown passes in Raiders history.

“The first time I thought about it in a long time was driving to the facility yesterday,” Carr said. “I took a moment and just thought about the Snake and his greatness. He’s the best, man.”

Carr has always been a big fan of “The Snake,” who is widely considered the greatest Raider quarterback of all-time.

“I tip my hat to [Stabler’s] family,” Carr said. “They’ve been so gracious to me. So loving to me. I wish I could’ve met [Stabler], talked to him, learn from him. I didn’t have that opportunity obviously.”

However, Carr is having a hard time celebrating the massive feat.

“If we could’ve won, then it feels better,” Carr said. “I’m sick of losing. I’m sick of working as hard as I do and as we do, and going out there and losing. It sucks. Enough is enough. I think that’s my message: I’m excited for [the record] – I dreamed of it when I got drafted here. I looked all those stats up and was like, ‘Man, I want to break all of these as a competitor.’ But I’m sick of losing; enough’s enough. I’m tired of it.”

By the time he retires, Carr will own all of the major Raiders passing records but those won’t matter if he can’t win more games.

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