Ex-Raider Derek Carr Pulls off Epic Troll Job on Chargers & Justin Herbert

derek carr

Getty Former Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr.

Derek Carr is no longer a member of the Las Vegas Raiders but his ties to the franchise run deep. He spent nine years with the team and holds every major passing record. He even recently said that he would like to return to the Raiders in some capacity when he’s done playing football.

Even with wounds being fresh from him getting released, it hasn’t soured his good memories with the team. Perhaps the best memory Carr has came during Week 18 of the 2021 season. With a playoff appearance on the line, the Raiders hosted the rival Los Angeles Chargers. In one of the most competitive games of the season, Las Vegas pulled off a win in overtime that sent the Chargers home and the Raiders to the playoffs.

It was arguably the biggest game of Carr’s career and he was able to call the final timeout that effectively ended the Chargers’ season. Carr is now a member of the New Orleans Saints and no longer a reason to hate Los Angeles. That’s not going to stop him from trolling the team. According to The Collectibles Guru, Carr was accidentally sent a Justin Herbert card that was meant to be signed by the young quarterback. Instead of sending it back, Carr decided to sign it himself with the score and date of the 2021 Week 18 game. It was one last shot at the Chargers for the quarterback as he leaves for the NFC South.

Carr Admits That It’s His Signature

Faking Carr’s signature wouldn’t be a hard thing to pull off but there’s no reason to speculate if he actually did it. The quarterback admitted that he was the one to send the card back but he was surprised that the card was put in a pack.

“OK. … There had been a couple times where I’ll get 1 card out of … a lot of cards … that is someone else or whatever,” Carr wrote in an Instagram comment. “Sometimes I’ll just send it back on top. Sometimes I’ll try and sign that person’s signature but screw up so bad it could never be used. I do it to make whoever opens these boxes up laugh. This one popped up and I signed it like that to make whoever opened it laugh. I thought it would be a good joke between me and the person I’ll never meet. They are savages for putting it in a pack though.”

Carr Will Have to Get Used to New Rivals

The Raiders are one of the most historic franchises in the NFL and have some of the longest-standing rivalries in the sport. Carr has spent almost a decade hating the Chargers, Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. He’s now going to the Saints and won’t be seeing the same teams twice a year.

However, the Saints have their own historic rivalries. Carr will need to learn to hate the Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers. It shouldn’t take long for the quarterback to adjust as the rivalries in the NFC South can get heated. Luckily, none of those teams have a history of success that is strong as the teams in the AFC West so Carr should have an easier time getting wins over rivals.

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