LeBron James’ Son Bryce Does Hilarious Imitation of Dad [WATCH]

LeBron James, left, and wife Savannah Brinson

Getty LeBron James, left, and wife Savannah Brinson

More than two weeks ago, when LeBron James was leaving Los Angeles to head for the NBA’s “bubble” environment on the Disney World campus in Orlando, he sent out a message expressing his sadness at having to depart. He compared going to the league’s restart, which could drag for three months if the Lakers make the Finals, to doing a “bid” in prison. “Hated to leave the #JamesGang,” he tweeted.

Well, maybe James’ melancholy will be lifted when he sees how his sons are clowning around at his expense back in California.

In an Instagram video sent out by James’ wife, Savannah Brinson, James’ 13-year-old son, Bryce Maximus, can be seen doing an imitation of his father along with the couple’s other son, 15-year-old Bronny.

With Brinson filming, Bryce drops his voice to sound like his father and does his own introduction, “LeBron James!” Bryce says. “The one and only, the King! The King from Cleveland!”

He then addresses Bronny who is bent over in laughter: “How tall you is? How tall, six? Six—how tall are you? I ain’t playing, I ain’t playing around. How tall are you?”

When Bronny tells him he is 6-feet-2, Bryce says, “Six-2? Dang! You 15 years old, 6-2? Dang! You were probably 6-11 when you came out the womb, my boy! Yessir!”

Watch Bryce Maximus Imitate LeBron James

Brinson posted the video with the caption, “I’m in literal tears.”

Have a look:

The video of Bryce having fun at his father’s expense is reminiscent of an earlier one that Bronny posted back at the beginning of the month. Bronny was asked during an Instagram Live session who is father is.

“Who’s my dad?” Bronny said. “Steph Curry.”

LeBron James: Hiatus was a ‘Blessing to be Here With Your Family’

James, of course, does not usually get to spend significant time in the spring with his family. He did get that opportunity last year, his first with the Lakers, when a groin injury forced him to miss a chunk of the season and the team missed the playoffs. Before that, James had been to the NBA Finals eight consecutive years, meaning he was active with his team into mid-June.

In April, he said there was some benefit to the league’s coronavirus-forced hiatus, which dated to March 11.

“It’s definitely been a bit of a blessing to be able to be here 24/7 and be here with your family,” James said on a Zoom conference call, according to USA Today. “And being able to – I don’t want to say ‘recoup’ the time, because that’s one thing you cannot do. Time waits for no man and you can’t do that. But to be able to appreciate it and be in this moment, it’s been pretty cool. Even though I’ve missed the game of basketball like none other.”

James will be without his family until at least August 30. Under the rules of the NBA “bubble” families can’t enter the league’s campus until after the first round of the playoffs. The second round of the playoffs is scheduled to begin on August 31.

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