Lakers’ LeBron James Threw Major Shade at Magic Guard During Scrimmage

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Getty Los Angeles Lakers guard LeBron James.

With two scrimmage games in the books, the Los Angeles Lakers have looked really good. Yes, they are playing games that don’t matter but both the Orlando Magic and Dallas Mavericks played their starters through good portions of the games and Los Angeles still looked good. One of the reasons they have played so well is the fact that LeBron James is clearly taking it very seriously.

He’s even gone so far as to talk some major trash about Magic guard Michael Carter Williams during Saturday’s matchup.

That’s pretty ruthless of LeBron to call out a player like that in a game that doesn’t really matter. He’s definitely quickly getting back into playoff mode and the Lakers are going to need that if they want to win a title.

Dion Waiters Talks Relationship With LeBron

When the Lakers were rumored to be looking into Dion Waiters as a potential free-agent signee, many wondered how his relationship with LeBron would affect any decision. It was rumored that they didn’t get along due to their time in Cleveland together. However, Waiters revealed that they actually have a great relationship.

“People don’t even know when ‘Bron first got back [to Cleveland], he took me under his wing,” Waiters told the media after Saturday’s game. “He was with me everyday. We went out to eat. Everyday, everyday, everyday … This time around, I’m a little older. I’m a father now. I’ve got a beautiful kid. I’m a little more wiser. I’m a little more older. I understand what’s at hand. We’ve always had a vibe and a bond. There was always love every time we would see each other.”

While the two men have a strong bond now, they did have some tough time and Waiters blames himself for it.

“When you’re young, you’re still trying to find yourself coming into the league,” James said. “I think ‘Bron was trying to help me with that, but I was too stubborn back then. Now I’m 28. I’ve been through a lot. I’m at peace with myself. I’m good.”

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Waiters Could Be Secret Weapon for Lakers

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The problem with Waiters has never been his talent. He was a very high draft pick for a reason. Unfortunately, he’s always managed to get in his own way. Joining a Lakers team with a ton of veteran leadership may have been his best career move yet.

Just a couple of games in and he looks like he could make an impact.

“I’m armed and ready when my number is called,” Waiters said. “It’s me getting back in the swing of things. Just trying to find a rhythm. We’re switching up different lineups, stuff like that. Just being ready, man. Having that confidence that I’ve always had. Just being confident in myself and my shot-making and also for my teammates.”

While he’s not about to be a shutdown defender, Waiters is a strong scorer. Coming off the bench, he could put up some points. Now, it remains to be seen how much of a role he’ll have come playoff time but if he keeps playing well, the Lakers could work to get him in the rotation consistently.

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