Lakers’ LeBron James Sitting in ‘Throne’ Sparks Viral Reaction

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Getty Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

The Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James are back and already making lots of headlines. Whether it’s the bench erupting in scrimmage games or Dion Waiters putting on a show, the Lakers are the best show in town right now. After Tuesday’s practice, LeBron spoke to the media and the chair he decided to sit in got a lot of attention.

The throne-like look of the chair is certainly a fitting look for “The King.” However, it was pure coincidence that the chair happened to look like that, according to LeBron.

“It’s one of these hallway chairs everybody sits in.”

That didn’t stop the photo of LeBron sitting in his “throne” from going viral.

LeBron even decided to lean into the idea that it was a throne and poked some fun at his head coach Frank Vogel.

“Hey coach, you can sit on the throne for the day,” LeBron told Vogel.

However, Vogel didn’t end up getting to sit in the nice chair.

“Oh, they took away the throne, huh?” LeBron asked.

“They took it away! Even with your permission, they took it away,” Vogel replied.

LeBron Praises Former Coach

LeBron may not be one of the NBA’s top defenders anymore but that doesn’t mean he’s not still effective. With the added rest heading into the playoffs, expect the veteran to put up some strong defensive performances. LeBron is mostly known as an offensive juggernaut. However, he’s been part of the NBA’s All-Defensive Team six times throughout his career. He revealed on Tuesday who helped him the most on defense.

“I’d probably give a lot of credit to [Former Cavaliers and Lakers head coach] Mike Brown,” LeBron told the media. “He came in with a defensive mindset with a defensive strategy to Cleveland when he got the head coaching job. He told me he wanted me to be just as good as I was on the offensive end; he wanted me to be even better on the defensive end, and it started with a lot of communication.

“I wanted to take that next step in my career because I wanted to get better, and I wanted to compete for championships. I started to take that leadership as far as my communication being loud, speaking calls out, getting into the film session a little bit more – diving into that.

“Mike Brown was very high into watching film and breaking down our opponents and breaking down personnel, so give a lot of credit to Mike Brown putting that type of pressure on me, which I loved and became who I am today.”

LeBron and Brown had some great years in Cleveland. Unfortunately, they never were able to win a championship together. Brown is now an important part of the San Antonio Spurs’ coaching staff.

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Lakers Return on Thursday

The long wait for the return of the NBA is almost over. The Lakers face off against the Clippers on Thursday and there’s a lot of excitement around the game. Some key players might not be able to play, but most of the stars should be playing.

In the grand scheme of things, the seeding games don’t matter much for the Lakers or Clippers but Thursday should give us a really good idea of how the teams will look heading into the playoffs.

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