Lakers Among ‘Known Suitors’ in Potential Trade for Kings Guard: Report

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Getty Sacramento Kings guard Bogdan Bogdanovic.

The Los Angeles Lakers already added a stud young guard this offseason in Dennis Schroder and it’s starting to look like they could target another one. It’s very possible the team loses a guard or two that was on the roster last season so they need to sure up the position. This could lead them to try and pull off a trade for Sacramento Kings guard Bogdan Bogdanovic.

Sam Amick and Eric Nehm of The Athletic reported that the Lakers could entertain a trade for Bogdanovic, who was almost dealt to the Milwaukee Bucks:

As The Athletic and The New York Times reported on Thursday, the league is indeed looking into the matter. Serious pressure is being applied to all parties, and sources told The Athletic midday Friday that the Bogdanovic-to-the-Bucks prospect is dead. Bogdanovic and his representation are expected to take meetings when it’s allowed this afternoon/evening, with Atlanta and the Lakers known to be among the suitors.

The situation between the Kings, Bogdanovic and the Bucks seems like it’s going to be a problem. The guard is a restricted free agent so he’s tied to Sacramento but he clearly doesn’t want to be there. The Kings should be motivated to make a deal very quickly.

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Lakers Have Tried to Trade for Bogdanovic Before

This is not the first time the Lakers have expressed interest in Bogdanovic. Before last season’s trade deadline, they reportedly tried to land him. They even went so far as to dangle Kyle Kuzma. The problem is that the Kings didn’t want Kuzma at the time.

It’s been a while since those trade talks so it’s possible Kuzma can look more appealing to Sacramento. Head coach Luke Walton used to coach the forward in Los Angeles so he knows how to get the best out of him. Bogdanovic is a good player but Kuzma can be an appealing piece to a young team.

How Lakers Can Pull off Trade

Before the deal with the Bucks fell apart, the Kings were about to land Donte DiVincenzo, Ersan Ilyasova and D.J. Wilson for Bogdanovic. That’s a lot of guys for one player but none of them are true standouts. If the Lakers are willing to give the Kings Kuzma for Bogdanovic, that could be a better deal for them. Despite Kuzma’s disappointing season, he’s still got high-end potential.

Bogdanovic and Kuzma both came into the NBA in the same year but the latter averages more points per game and has a better field goal percentage. All things considered, the Lakers might not even be willing to send them Kuzma in this deal. Bogdanovic is a good player and could fit a need but he’s older and not as strong of a scorer. If the Lakers can land him without giving up Kuzma, that could be a good deal for them. However, Bogdanovic isn’t worth giving the forward up.

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