Damian Lillard Blasts Haters of Lakers’ LeBron James

lebron james damian lillard

Getty Damian Lillard guarding LeBron James.

Whether it’s because of his decisions to play for multiple teams or for being active in politics, LeBron James is one of the more polarizing athletes in sports. While nobody can deny the Los Angeles Lakers star is great, there are a number of people who consistently blast him for what he does off the court and his performances on it. Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard has long been one of LeBron’s biggest defenders and he’s back at it.

In response to a comment on Twitter about how LeBron is disrespected, Lillard agreed.

No matter how many accomplishments LeBron gets, he always seems to have detractors. Whether it’s Kyrie Irving suggesting that he’s not clutch or Skip Bayless constantly taking shots at the star, he’s been widely criticized by many.

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LeBron Believes He Has No Weaknesses

LeBron is in his 17th year and is arguably playing his best basketball yet. He’s seen a lot of great players and teams over the years and he’s taken a lot in. He believes his experiences have led him to this point.

“Like I mentioned last night, the best teacher is life experience,” LeBron said, per NBA.com. “I’ve played against great coaches throughout my whole career, not only in the regular season but in the postseason, throughout first, second, third, Finals runs. I’ve played against some exceptional coaches, great coaches, Hall of Fame coaches, Hall of Fame players. They’ve all, opponents and coaches, helped me get to this point where I am today, to a point where I have no weakness, offensively or defensively, to where if I can read a defense, I can exploit it. I can put myself in a position to be successful. It doesn’t mean that the ball goes in all the time, but there’s nothing out on the floor that I cannot do at this point in my career.

“That’s all because of the competition, the adversity, the losses and everything I’ve been through throughout the course of my career. At that point in time I say I’ve got to work on this because that’s what they’re allowing me to have; now I’ve got to work on this because they’re shutting this down in my game. It’s just, like I said, the best teacher in life is life experience, and I’ve experienced it all.”

It’s hard to look at LeBron and see a weakness in his game. He’s one of the most athletically gifted people ever and has a very high basketball IQ.

Will More Titles Silence Critics Forever?

The biggest knock on LeBron in the greatest of all-time debate is the fact that Michael Jordan has won more titles. While that’s a big argument in favor of Jordan, LeBron still has a chance to catch up. He could win his fourth this year and it doesn’t look like he’s about to slow down.

If he can win six, that would mean that he’s been to the Finals at least 12 times in total. That’s twice as many as Jordan made. There will always be people who favor the Bulls legend but LeBron’s case for being the GOAT becomes a lot stronger if he can get six titles.

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